Michael Saylor Brings The Thunder To Venezuelan Bitcoin-Only Podcast


If someone is doing his part, that’s Michael Saylor. The MicroStrategy CEO proved that he’s a stand-up guy by sharing the knowledge on a medium-sized podcast that’s usually in Spanish. Saylor went in on the topics du jour and revealed never-before-heard secrets. What does he think about El Salvador? What’s up with the infamous Mining Council? Is MicroStrategy in a vulnerable position? Keep reading for those answers and more.

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One of Michael Saylor’s first lines is, “I think that the next decade it’s going to be all about digital transformation of propertry.” After that, it’s gem after gem.

What Does Michael Saylor Know About The Venezuela Situation?

The podcast is called “Satoshi En Venezuela.” The episode is titled “Bitcoin is Hope for Venezuela.” Since that name derives from a Michael Saylor quote, it figures that the first question was a why disguised as a how.

How is Bitcoin hope for Venezuela?

“Now you can put your property into a Bitcoin and put the Bitcoin on your mobile device. And I think the reason that that represents hope to the world is, eight billion people are going to be able to afford a mobile device. And 8 billion people can have property on the mobile device. Bitcoin is like a bank in cyberspace run by incorruptible software.” 

That sounds amazing, but, why is Bitcoin good for Venezuela specifically speaking?

“Well, every economy works better if it has an incorruptible bank that allows everyone to store their monetary energy. It helps return rationality and long-term perspective. Hope is about believing that in a decade your life will be better than it is now.”

Beautiful. Michael Saylor also believes that, for this to work, “We have to give people property rights. And we’ve got to give them the ability to store their economic energy in something that they have control of.” By that, he means Bitcoin and only Bitcoin.

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Does Bitcoin’s Volatility Affect MicroStrategy? How Does Their Playbook Look Like?

His company, MicroStrategy, famously was the first to put Bitcoin on their balance sheet. And then, they kept buying and buying. “We’re basically converting our working capital from the weakest asset to the strongest asset,” Michale Saylor clarifies. Then, he gives you his strategy’s play by play: 

The way that we manage the volatility is, we make sure that we have enough Dollars to pay all of our bills for the next 12 months, based upon whatever volatility. So, we wouldn’t really ever need to liquidate any Bitcoin unless we had like a one in a hundred event. Then, we might sell a little bit in order to pay our bills, but that hasn’t happened before.”

He expects reasonable scenarios. Other currencies will print and print. There will only be 21 million bitcoin. Lots of businesses and people will integrate with the Bitcoin protocol. So, it’s not that risky. In a long time frame, it’s a “responsible business strategy.” It would be risky with a short time frame and a short-dated debt strategy.  

In short, MicroStrategy’s financial strategy protects them from volatility. If in 10 years Bitcoin is down and not up, then and only then they’ll be in trouble.

A Mining Council In An Open Network

The host, Bitcoin philosopher Criptobastardo, questions Michael Saylor with the basic objections that the Bitcoin community has with the Mining Council. Saylor answers:

“The council exists to gather information, to run surveys, and to educate. It’s not a government body. I agree that a governing council probably wouldn’t be the right thing. It’s really just a voluntary and open asociation of Bitcoin miners to gather information, share best practices and educate.”

According to him, someone has to respond to attacks. The Bitcoin community has to take control of the narrative, produce data, give info to decision-makers. “The people that need to know are Wallstreet investors, mainstream media journalists, and politicians.” These are powerful allies, and, “when they tell us that they’re under pressure from their constituency to get an answer, we should do our best to give them the answer.

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Is Michael Saylor Going To El Salvador?

According to the MicroStrategy CEO, one would need 21st-century infrastructure to solve a current problem. That’s what the Salvadoran government is trying to do with The Bitcoin Law. What will they get out of all of this? Well, according to Michael Saylor:

“I think there are two benefits you get when you adop the bitcoin standard if you’re a country. One benefit is the macroeconomic benefit. You end up with a treasury asset that is appreciating in value instead of depreciating in value. You put your entire economy on stronger bases.” 

The El Salvador experiment is crucial to mankind. If everything goes as planned in there, the economic growth they’ll have over the next few years will be unmatched. Michael Saylor continues and closes:

“The second benefit is a technology benefit. It’s possible to use the Bitcoin protocol, or in this case Lightning. The combination of Lightning and Bitcoin transactions in order to provide digital currency to every citizen of the country. So, two thirds of El Salvador dont have a bank. If I want to create a bank, I want to give them a mobile phone and a digital wallet. And a digital currency, which is the Dollar. On top of a digital asset, which is Bitcoin.”

That sounds like a tank to us.

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