Exchange Tokens: More Gains or Overvalued?? 🤔


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0:00 Intro
2:17 BNB Explained
4:14 BNB Tokenomics
5:55 BNB Potential
7:34 Huobi Token Explained
9:55 Huobi Token Tokenomics
11:33 Huobi Token Potential
13:04 FTX Token Explained
15:03 FTX Token Tokenomics
17:00 FTX Token Potential
18:54 Conclusion


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👨‍🏫BNB Explained👨‍🏫

BNB is a cryptocurrency used in Binance’s ecosystem. It has multiple use cases, but most demand is coming most of the demand for BNB is coming Binance’s DeFi ecosystem

💸BNB Tokenomics 💸

BNB had an initial supply of 200 million and is deflationary due to the quarterly burns conducted by Binance

This is where Binance uses 20% of its quarterly profits to burn BNB. This burning will continue until the supply of BNB reaches 100 million

📈BNB Potential📉

BNB’s growth seems to depend on Binance’s CeDeFi ecosystem, and the adoption of those protocols seems to boil down to the low gas fees offered by the Binance Smart Chain

Low gas fees appear to be the only selling point of Binance’s CeDeFi ecosystem. There is not very much originality or innovation going on in that space as most protocols are copies from Ethereum’s DeFi

👨‍🏫Huobi Token Explained👨‍🏫

The Huobi Token is a cryptocurrency used in Huobi’s ecosystem. Holding the Huobi Token lets you vote on any proposed changes to the cryptocurrency exchange

Huobi has been working on a smart contract blockchain called the Huobi Chain since 2019 which has has yet to exit its test net phase

💸Huobi Token Tokenomics 💸

The Huobi Token has a maximum supply of 500 million. Like Binance and BNB, Huobi allocates 20% of its revenue to burning Huobi Tokens. These burns are conducted on a weekly basis

Huobi has burned 250 million Huobi tokens so far, and this burning seems to be set to continue until all Huobi tokens have been burned

📈Huobi Token Potential📉

Despite the CEO’s strong connections to Chinese authorities, Huobi seems to have come under serious regulatory scrutiny over the last few months.
Two of the exchange’s top-ranking executives were arrested in November and December due to suspicions that Huobi’s OTC trading services were used to launder money

Any negative news about Huobi could tank the price of the token as it has no other tangible use cases to hold it up

👨‍🏫FTX Token Explained👨‍🏫

Holding FTT confers multiple benefits including discounts on trading fees of up to 60 percent, and even gives a cut of any excess capital in FTX’s insurance fund to FTT holders

While FTX has no native DeFi ecosystem, FTT token holders were airdropped SRM to motivate them to use the Serum DEX which is built on the Solana blockchain

💸FTX Token Tokenomics💸

33% of all trading fees on FTX go towards weekly buy backs and burns of the FTT token. This is in addition to the 10% of additions to the insurance fund, and 5% of all other fees on FTX. 10 million FTT have been burned so far

📈FTX Token Potential📉

The FTT token has utility that is not reliant on Ethereum having high gas fees or price manipulation by the exchange which issued it. It also has more room to grow compared to BNB and the Huobi Token.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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