Burger King Brazil Will Accept Dogecoin for ‘Dogpper’ Dog Food


Burger King Brazil now accepts dogecoin as a payment method to purchase the fast-food chain’s Dogpper, a dog snack. 

The service has been available since Monday, according to the company’s official website, though users should check the availability of delivery in their region, the company said. 

Each Dogpper – a dog treat that plays on the name of Burger King’s best-known menu item, the Whopper – costs 3 DOGE ($0.60 at today’s prices). The company recommends purchasing a maximum of five units per order for “availability reasons.” 

Users must transfer DOGE to a Burger King Brazil wallet, although they can also purchase the dog food with fiat. 

Doggper is not something new for Burger King. The company had already launched the product in Argentina in 2019, so that customers could share something with their dogs when they received their deliveries. 

It does not appear that Burger King Brazil will allow customers to purchase human food using DOGE at this time.

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