THETA & TFUEL: STRONG Potential in 2021?? 📺


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0:00 Theta Recap
2:26 Theta Updates Pt. 1
4:21 Theta Updates Pt. 2
7:12 Smart Contracts
12:04 Theta Roadmap
15:22 Theta & Tfuel Analysis
18:08 Conclusion


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► Theta Mainnet 3.0 Whitepaper:


🔁Theta Recap🔁

Theta is a blockchain powered decentralized streaming service developed by Theta Labs. Theta makes it possible to broadcast video streams using a network of local nodes which cache video data and relay streams to viewers

To incentive people to cache and relay video content, Theta uses cryptocurrency, specifically its Tfuel token, to reward network participants. In contrast, the Theta token which has been going parabolic since the flash crash in March is used for staking and governance on the Theta network

📰Theta Updates Pt. 1📰

Between February and May, Theta accomplished multiple things. First, it made it possible for websites to embed streams letting viewers, streamers, and websites earn Tfuel token rewards. Second, it partnered with World Poker Tour to add a 24/7 poker livestream to

Third, Theta streamed one of Coindesk’s largest events. Fourth, Theta introduced the app to smart TVs. Fifth, Theta partnered with Google who is now a validator node on their network.

Sixth, Theta released their 2.0 main-net. became embedded into Samsung Live which is on over 75 million Samsung phones. Finally, Theta partnered with MGM to stream Hollywood classics

🗞Theta Updates Pt. 2🗞

Between June and December, Theta continued its momentum. First, it outlined an ambitious roadmap in June. Second, Theta was found by an independent report to be one of the most developed cryptocurrency projects during that time. Third, Theta was included on a list of cryptocurrencies Coinbase was considering adding.

Fourth, Theta revealed that its smart contracts will be interoperable with Ethereum. Fifth, Theta secured the first ever US patent for a blockchain-based decentralized streaming protocol. Sixth, Theta partnered with Chainlink to fight low quality streams and scams. Seventh, Theta released EdgeCast, the first ever fully decentralized video streaming platform

💻Theta Smart Contracts💻

After months of testing, Theta smart contracts have been officially released. Both Theta Labs and members of the Theta community are currently building DEXes, staking pools, and other dApps that will be going live on Theta in the coming weeks and months

Theta will also have its own fungible and non-fungible token standards, meaning it will be possible to create new assets and NFT collectibles on Theta. Theta has also developed a Metamask-like web browser plug-in wallet to interact with dApps and even mint new tokens

⏳Theta Roadmap⌛

Theta does not have a clearly defined roadmap for 2021, though it will likely focus on continuing adoption of its platform and protocol, building its upcoming DeFi space, and fleshing out the details of its governance mechanism. Theta’s 3.0 main-net will also be released in spring 2021

📊Theta &Tfuel Analysis📊

While Tfuel tends to pump along with the Theta token, its tokenomics are against it in the long term. Tfuel has a much larger supply than Theta, its supply is not capped, and it can be very inflationary if there is a lot of network participation.

By contrast, Theta has a capped supply, and is also a newer token to the cryptocurrency space. The absence of a previous high that could serve as resistance combined with the project’s success suggests Theta has a lot of room to grow.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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