Crypto Trading Bots: Are They Worth It?


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0:00 Intro
1:37 What are crypto trading bots?
3:33 Pros & cons of bots
6:44 Tradesanta
10:33 Shrimpy
14:08 Gunbot
16:32 Crypto Hopper
18:05 3Commas
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Have you day traded crypto or thought about giving it a shot? Well, who can blame you when there are just so many insane opportunities out there.

However, the problem is that crypto markets trade 24/7 and unless you want to live off Red Bull and coffee, the chances are you will miss a ton of these opportunities in your sleep. Thats why 100s of thousands of traders are using crypto trading bots.

What Are Trading Bots?

They are computer programs that trade on your behalf with a given set of instructions. That might be something like buy X amount of Bitcoin at a certain price. Once the price hits that target, then the crypto trading bot will execute that order.

Pros & Cons Of Bots


Trade 24/7 which stops you from missing opportunities.
Takes the emotions out of trading.
Backtest your strategy.
Simplifies trading.


They are not a magic money machine.
They need to be constantly monitored.
There are a lot of scams.
You need to keep funds on an exchange.

5儭 Tradesanta 5儭

This bot has a solid reputation amongst crypto traders and offers easy to use long and short bot templates.

This bot also allows you to monitor your bots progress with things like Telegram notifications. Oh yes, this bot also offers a mobile app to and supports exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, and OKEx.

Tradesanta also offers a very cool five day free trial and paid-for pricing starts at just $14 per month and goes all the way up to $70.


Intuitive interface and reliable security measures.
Suited to beginners.
Active trading community.


Lacks support for some high liquidity exchanges like Kraken.
This bot is not suitable for arbitrage.

4儭 Shrimpy 4儭

Is a social portfolio management tool and crypto trading platform. Its got a ton of popularity amongst the trading community.

This tool is not designed for signals or indicators and is not a tool for day traders. Instead, it is a longer-term portfolio management tool which automates things like portfolio rebalancing, dollar-cost averaging and stop losses.

Shrimplys social portfolio management allows you to automatically mimic the trades of the best traders on the platform.

This bot supports numerous exchanges and that includes the likes of Kucoin, Coinbase Pro and Kraken.

In terms of pricing, the free plan offers an extensive range of tools and more features can be unlocked for just $13 per month.


Huge range of features offered for free.
Paid-for subscription is reasonable.
Offers social trading.


Its not open sourced.
Does not provide functionality for day traders.

3儭 Gunbot 3儭

This bot comes with numerous inbuilt trading strategies and allows you to create custom strategies to. It also supports a ton of widely used exchanges. The pricing structure is a one off fee and starts at around $200.


Offers access to a load of trading strategies.
Supports a wide range of exchanges.
Beginner friendly.


Relatively expensive.

2儭 Crypto Hopper 2儭

This bot provides expert trading tools without the need to know coding. So, if you are into advanced trading stuff like market-making and exchange arbitrage, then this is a bot to look at.

The CryptoHopper marketplace also boasts a plethora of trading templates, strategies and signals to choose from. A large number of exchanges are also supported.

In terms of pricing, you are looking at between $16 and $83 per month.


Easy to set up.
Good pricing.
Amazing marketplace.


Anonymous team.


Watch the video to find why I think 3Commas is the king of crypto trading bots.



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