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📝 Project Overview 📝 used to be called Monaco until a rebranding earlier this year. The brand is owned and operated by a company called CRO protocol labs.

With its CRO token, plans on making cryptocurrency transactions around the world secure, fast, and cheap.

This would be done by using CRO as an intermediary between digital and fiat currencies, performing an instant conversion while avoiding confusion for the user.

⚙️ Technology ⚙️

In the CRO network, there are 4 different types of nodes. There are the Council nodes, the acquirer nodes, the settlement agent nodes and the community nodes.

Council nodes maintain a list of acquirer, council, and settlement node identities. The council nodes are responsible for running a Byzantine Fault Tolerance mechanism.

Acquirer nodes include both customer and merchant acquirers and are used to manage settlements on behalf of others on the network. Acquirer nodes are rewarded CRO for each transaction based on the amount processed.

Settlement agent nodes sell CRO tokens in exchange for other currencies which are deemed as stable by the system. The intent is to offer merchants conversion options that are price stable. These nodes earn their profits based on conversion services.

Community nodes provide direction transactions among the merchants and the consumers. Community nodes are also available for any users that want to validate network operations.

💰️ Token 💰

The CRO token is the utility token that powers the network. There are a number of different use cases for these tokens and they include:

– Staking
– For cross currency settlement
– For Payments
– For purchasing giftcards

The Monaco ICO took place in May & June of 2017 and they were able to raise a total of $27m.

CRO tokens, however, were created in November of 2018 with no ICO, pre-sale, or public sale.

10% of these CRO tokens were left aside for community development with some of this being airdropped to the current holders of MCO tokens.

👨‍💻️ Team, Partners & Development 👨‍💻

Kris Marszalek is the co-founder and CEO is a serial entrepreneur and three-time founder in the tech space. You have CFO Rafael Melo who is a CPA and has 15 years of experience in finance.

Another co-founder is Gary Or who is the CTO. He is a product designer and entrepreneur with ten years of engineering experience. And finally, you have Bobby Bao, who is a co-founder and head of corporate development.

Combined, the rest of the leadership team boasts experience like cybersecurity advisor at Microsoft, former head of prepaid partner solutions at Visa, and senior risk management VP at Groupon, among plenty of other impressive credentials.

The company says their Chain is coming along ahead of schedule. They also plan to add bank transfer capabilities with some new app features.

📈 Trading & Wallets 📈

CRO is quite a popular token and consistently ranks within the top 30 in total coin market capitalization.

CRO is listed on a number of exchanges and has decent daily trading volume. However, the bulk of this volume appears to be taking place on Bithumb which could mean less in terms of price discovery.

For storage, you can either use’s own wallet which has a support for a host of other cryptocurrencies. Given that this is an ERC20 token you can also store it in any Ethereum compatible wallet.


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