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► Website: https://qtum.org/en
► Whitepaper: https://bit.ly/2QTqrJR
► GitHub: https://github.com/qtumproject


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► Official Blog: https://blog.qtum.org/
► Twitter: https://twitter.com/qtumofficial
► Telegram: https://t.me/qtumofficial


📝 Project Overview 📝

QTUM is an open-sourced cryptocurrency which is maintained and developed by the QTUM foundation. It’s a public blockchain platform that aims to make the technology easily accessible to companies that want to create decentralized applications.

The Quantum project focuses primarily on providing a business-friendly smart contract ecosystem that provides a safe, stable, and standardized development platform.

⚙️ Technology ⚙️

The QTUM project is a blockchain protocol that integrates a fork of Bitcoin core with Ethereum’s Virtual Machine or E.V.M. This EVM is used for the development of decentralized applications.

QTUM accomplishes this type of hybrid integration through a layer it refers to as its Account Abstract Layer. This layer serves as a bridge that closes the gap between these two technologies.

The base layer makes use of an adaption of the Bitcoin Unspent Transaction Output, or U.T.X.O methodology. By using the UTXO model, QTUM can use Simple Payment Verification, or S.P.V for its mobile clients.

For its developers, the project includes a native wallet along with a smart contract management solution.

QTUM takes Bitcoin’s core code and changes the consensus mechanism from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. The project then implements Ethereum’s EVM on top of the altered Bitcoin code.

Available on the platform are features like building applications, executing code, and performing smart contract transactions. Value for the QTUM token is derived from demand and overall use.

💰️ Token 💰

To access many of the services offered on the QTUM blockchain, developers and businesses use the QTUM token.

Available on the platform are features like building applications, executing code, and performing smart contract transactions. Value for the QTUM token is derived from demand and overall use.

The project did raise a total of $15.6 million during its crowdsale. QTUM dispersed a total of 51 million QTUM tokens during its ICO, which is a little over half of the 100 million created.

While the current total supply of QTUM is a little under 102 million, the current circulating supply is a bit over 96 million.

👨‍💻️ Team, Partners & Development 👨‍💻

Members of the QTUM team come from backgrounds working on both Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they also hold traditional backgrounds, too, at companies like NASDAQ, Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu.

The backers of this project come from backgrounds in Bitcoin startups, coin founders, and other prominent members of the cryptocurrency industry.

They are working to scale and govern smart contract features by providing development toolkits. Using lightning networks, they’d like to see QTUM grow to 50,000 transactions each second.

📈 Trading & Wallets 📈

The token does over $250 million in volume on a daily basis. There is relatively extensive exchange support although these tend to be on less well known exchanges.

On exchanges such as Binance there are relatively strong order books with a decent amount of liquidity.

QTUM has native wallets which are perhaps your best bet for storage. These are available on iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.


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