Man Regains Access To 10 Million Dogecoin After Forgetting His Password


Cryptocurrency is like money in your bank, ideally you would store it somewhere secure so that no one else can gain access to it. The only problem is that if you forget the password to your encrypted hard drive, that’s pretty much the end of it. However, that was not the case with a retired truck driver who was sitting on 10 million Dogecoin.

The man had purchased a stash of Dogecoin back in 2015 where it was worth $1,500. However, as you might have noticed, over the years, the value of Dogecoin has risen where his 10 million stash was now worth about $3 million. The only problem was that he forgot the PIN to his Android wallet.

Given that the PIN was 12 digits long, the permutations are essentially in the millions and would almost seem impossible to crack. However, he tried reaching out to a wallet recovery service, KeychainX, who tried to narrow down the possibilities by asking the man for numbers that held significance to him, and from there they managed to narrow it down and opened it.

According to Robert Rhodin, the CEO of KeychainX, “Losing a pin to your wallet is not bad after all. If you manage to open it years later, it could be a life changing amount. This time it was.” This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of people losing access to their cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, a man mistakenly threw out a drive containing $268 million worth of bitcoin, and later offered $68 million as a reward if the local government were to allow him to search a landfill where his drive might have ended up at.

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