Metaverse (ETP): What You Need to Know


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📝 Overview 📝

Metaverse is developing a financial system where your digital identity and digital assets become the foundation for all of your financial transactions.

Metaverse is focused on smart assets compared to Ethereum that is focused on Smart Contracts.

Metaverse uses the same Proof-of-Work algorithm as Ethereum which is Etash.

Work is ongoing on a new consensus called “HeartBeat Token-Height Delegated Proof of Stake”. This will be a delegated proof of stake consensus (that’s dPoS) mechanism.

Another important concept in the Metaverse ecosystem is the Metaverse Smart Tokens ( that’s MST).

These are tokenized smart contracts that can be spent, registered, transferred, issued, deposited, or even burnt.

The utility token behind the Metaverse ecosystem is the ETP token.

This is used within the ecosystem as a method to pay fees to the miners or the developers. It will also be used as collateral for the staking.

These ETP tokens were issued in an ICO that took place back in September of 2016. Each ETP token was sold for about 30 cents and the project was able to raise a total of 2 million dollars.

The Metaverse team is located in Shanghai, China.

They have a diverse background and include software engineers, blockchain developers and data scientists.

There are also a whole host of other partnerships that Metaverse has entered into with other blockchain projects and companies.

ETP is listed on a number of exchanges including RightBTC, BitFinex, Huobi etc.

There is strong liquidity on these exchanges which bodes well for the larger orders.

The best option for storage is currently the official Metaverse wallet.


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