IoTeX Review 2019: Should You Consider IOTX??


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📝 Overview 📝

IoTeX is developing a privacy centric blockchain that will connect numerous internet connected devices (also called IoT).

This will all be done with a protocol that has the flexibility and scalability that is provided through side chains and proof-of-stake.

There will be a number of different blockchains on the network and will also include a main “root chain”.

One of the main functions of the IoTeX protocol is their consensus algorithm which is called “Roll DPoS”. This addresses many of the flaws that are present with current proof of stake algorithms.

There is also privacy enhancing tech such as ring signatures which is used in the likes of Monero. There will also be cross-blockchain functionality through the use of “pegging” and block finality.

The team behind the IoTeX project has quite alot of experience in cryptography and blockchain technology. They have been able to secure a number of partnerships in the blockchain ecosystem and they have been quite active in their GitHub with regular commits.

The token powering the IoTeX protocol is the native IOTX token. This is an ERC20 standard token that was issued on the Ethereum blockchain. There was a private sale ICO that took place back in February of 2018.

Main trading volume for IOTX is now present on the Binance exchange. This could be a problem from a token liquidity standpoint were they ever to get delisted.

Storage of IOTX can be done in any ERC20 compatible wallet although you should opt for a hardware wallet.


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