Nuls Review: Strong Potential?? Beginners Guide


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šŸ“ Overview šŸ“

Nuls is a platform that can be used by developers in enterprises to build their own unique blockchain solutions. By providing a stock solution, the developers hope this can bring down the cost of building.

This is because Nuls is highly modular and will also have great sub-chain operability. Moreover, there will be cross-chain consensus as well as a multichain mechanism.

Something else that is quite unique about Nuls is their consensus mechanism. They use something called proof-of-Credit. This is also modular and works much the same way as Proof-of-Stake.

Nuls is based in Singapore and the team members have a great deal of experience in blockchain development. Nuls has also received alot of funding from large VCs and companies including Bitmain technologies.

Unlike many other projects, Nuls did not complete an ICO. Instead the coins were released more fairly through an Airdrop. 40% of this total supply was released this way and 20% of it was kept back in order to fund development costs.

These tokens will be released at a rate of 5% per month to the team in order to fund this development. There also 20% given for business co-operation and another 20% for community funding.

Nuls tokens are traded on a number of exchanges but the bulk of the volume is currently between Binance, ChaoEX and Bit-Z.

Trading volumes are pretty healthy which means a decent amount of liquidity when it comes to trading your Nuls.

Given that Nuls is a native coin, there are not that many options when it comes to coin support. Therefore, you will have to use the Nuls Light wallet for simple storage or the core wallet if you want to stake.


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