Dionne Warwick playing first-ever Dogecoin Festival (really)


Meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin was launched as a joke, but attracted champions like Elon Musk and regularly makes headlines for its stock market performance. The laughs continue(?): it’s now inspired a festival. “Much WOW! Expected During First Dogepalooza,” a press release for the fest begins. They’re planning to hold it in multiple cities throughout the world, the first of which, Sugar Land, TX’s Constellation Field on Saturday, October 9, they’ve now announced.

Music icon and onetime Psychic Friends Network spokesperson Dionne Warwick, who, according to the press release, is a Dogecoin supporter, is set to perform, and a statement from her reads, “I’m so looking forward to be a part of this meaningful festival which supports so many vital causes.” The lineup also includes Damon Elliott and Chloe Flower.

“Dogecoin has the potential to be the future currency of Earth, Mars and beyond,” the website reads. Picking a currency for Mars feels a bit premature (Dionne may disagree), but if that’s something you’re interested in being part of, tickets are on sale now.

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