Dogecoin Festival Is Happening And Dionne Warwick Is Coming!


Dogecoin festival has been in the works for a while now. The festival was announced following the growing popularity of the meme coin. Now, the festival is here. Intended to bring Doge community members from all works of life to a single place to celebrate. Announcements were made for the Dogecoin festival earlier in the year in May. But this was not the festival to which Elon Musk had replied that the festival idea sounded fun.

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The idea at the time was for DogeFest. To which Musk had tweeted that the idea sounded fun. Musk’s tweet in support of DogeFest gave momentum to this movement. Which, at that point, people began to throw different ideas towards it. Like everything would be paid for in Dogecoin. And tickets being sold as NFTs. But this festival precedes DogeFest.

Party With The DOGE

The Dogepalooza is going to be the first Doge festival ever. The event is scheduled to take place on October 9th. And its headliner has now been confirmed. Famous American singer Dionne Warwick is set to perform at the first Dogecoin festival. Alongside American musician Damon Elliott and composer Chloe Flower.

The festival plans to touch down in multiple cities and countries around the world. Staying open to the wider public. And will include entertainment from both local and national artists as headliners. Major artists, and even DJs at the festivals.

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It will be a place for the crypto community to come together in celebration of DOGE. Which the website interprets to mean Do Only Good Everyday (DOGE). Doge merchandise will also be available for sale at the festivals. And it will be both a playground and an educational event. Where attendees will learn about Dogecoin. And will be shown how to use and accept Doge for anything.

Dogecoin Travelling The World

This festival will help more people to understand how Dogecoin works. It is also an avenue for like-minded individuals who are interested in crypto to meet up with other investors. While enjoying good music, food, and drinks along the way.

Dogecoin market cap from

Dogecoin market cap now at $36 billion | Source: Market Cap DOGE on

The event also features a segment dedicated to donating to charities. Attendees of the event will be able to donate to causes which they hold dear using their beloved Doge. Tickets will be sold for Doge. Although other currencies can be used to purchase them.

Dogecoin has come a long way from where it started as a joke coin. Now it stands amongst market leaders with a market cap of over $36 billion. Making it one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the market.

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