AvaTrade Review – What You Need to Know


AvaTrade is a Forex broker that has been around since 2006 and they have their head offices in Dublin, Ireland.

They have a number of regulations around the world and these cover the likes of Australia, Singapore, the UK, Europe and many more. In fact, when it comes to broker Regulations, Avatrade seems to be one of the most prolific in the industry.

There are two different platforms on offer at Avatrade. These include the standard Forex CFD MT4 as well as a platform for vanilla options.

In terms of their asset coverage, they have over 250 assets that you can trade. These include the likes of all major forex pairs and numerous minor crosses. You can also trade stocks, commodities, ETFs and of course – cryptocurrencies.

One of the major strengths that you have at Avatrade is their education integration with third party trading tools. For example, they have integrations with Zulu Trade and Duplitrade which are well known copy trading platforms.

These tools are useful as they allow you to copy some of the best traders on the platform and take ques from their trading strategy. However, this is easier said than done and there are likely to be a host of other factors that will impact your profitability.

Something else that we thought was quite a neat touch with Avatrade was their educational packages. These are provided by their education partner in Sharp Trader which are professionals in the space.

This education is fairly comprehensive and includes numerous videos with explanations and analysis. They also include economic calendars, trade calculators, charting tools and even the ability to review and monitor your progress.

While all of these features are no doubt quite impressive, they are also on offer at a number of other large CFD brokers. In order to really stand out in this industry you need to also have an impeccable customer service operation.

Unfortunately, Avatrade falls short on this count as they never seem to answer the phone when we called. While there are live chats for us to reach out, the answers appeared to just be robotic and copy pasted from their FAQs.

Unfortunately, not a good look for a broker of this size and stature. It makes you wonder if they are being this uncaring with potential clients, how they will treat you when they have your money.

In conclusion, whether you use Avatrade or not will depend to a great deal on how much importance you place on the range of trading tools and educational resources. While it is great that they have such extensive regulation, their customer service leaves much to be desired.

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