KuCoin Review – Safe or a Scam? What You need to Know


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Kucoin Exchange Review: Complete Beginners Guide

KuCoin is an exchange that was launched in 2017 through an ICO. They were originally based in China but moved offshore to Hong Kong in the crackdown in crypto in the country.

In terms of security, they have not suffered any hacks and have a wide array of security protocols in place. These include things such as cold storage and advanced firewall technology on the backend.

There is quite a long list of assets that they support on the exchange with over 250 coins. Some of these may be shitcoins so you should do your research before you consider purchasing any of these coins. They also want to include a number of other coins in their roadmap.

Like most of the other exchanges KuCoin operates a maker-taker fee model which means that they will reward those who make liquidity on the exchange and they will charge those who take it off their exchange. This is also place on a sliding scale that will adjust based on the volume traded in a 30 day timeframe.

KuCoin also has their own proprietary token called the KuCoin shares (KCS). These tokens are sort of like ownership in the exchange and they confer a certain number of dividends to the holder over a period of time.

In terms of customer support, you can either use the live chat function, the ticket support system or through email. KuCoin has stated in their ICO whitepaper that they aim to complete all support requests within 10 minutes. It remains to be seen whether they were able to do this.

KuCoin does offer anonymous accounts but there are limits on these accounts at 2BTC per 24-hour period. If you want to withdraw more than this then you will have to get your account verified. They will require you to complete their KYC procedures.

KuCoin is a crypto only exchange which means that you cannot fund the account in Fiat currency. You will have to send Bitcoin to the exchange if you want to start trading. We have a list of reputable exchanges that you can use on our website.

The trading platform is relatively advanced and they use tradingview charting technology. They also have an advanced order execution engine that is able to meet 2 million orders per second.

There is also a mobile app for those who like to trade on the go. For the developers among you, they have a pretty standard API with average throughput rates.

In conclusion, a pretty advanced exchange with an array of coins to trade with. We encourage you to do your own research before you use the exchange or buy any of the coins.

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