EXCLUSIVE: Dogecoin Influencers Team Up To Organize ‘The Doge Conference’


Several prominent Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) influencers have teamed up to put on “The Doge Conference,” with speakers, musical artists, and even a chance to win a Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) Cybertruck.

Bringing The Crypto Space Together: Jenny Q Ta, a Wall Street veteran and cryptocurrency expert, is the founder and director of the Doge conference, an event she hopes can unite the cryptocurrency community.

“Within the crypto space, Doge is known for having the most supportive and inclusive community — a community we fondly call the ‘Doge Family’ or the ‘Doge Army,’” Ta said.

“While other crypto communities tend to be more exclusive, the unifying vision of The Doge Conference is to bring all crypto communities together, setting our differences aside and recognizing that we are all in this blockchain universe together.”


The conference is set to take place in March next year in Las Vegas. While official speakers have not been released, organizers will announce the guests and musical acts in the coming months.

The Team Behind The Conference: Dogecoin has barked up a storm this year, moving from less than one cent to as high as 75 cents per coin. The meme coin’s highs were reached in May, and since then, the dog-themed cryptocurrency has fallen more than 50% to about 30 cents a coin today. 

The coin’s dazzling move turned investors into full-on enthusiasts, with some Dogecoin influencers gaining hundreds of thousands of followers on social platforms. @DogecoinRise on Twitter is a great example.

Dogecoin Rise’s real name is Kenneth Moran. Moran started his Dogecoin Twitter account in January and already has nearly half a million followers. Moran is officially the Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Doge Conference. Moran joined the Benzinga Power Hour back in April. 

Moran is not alone on the board for the conference. In addition to Moran and Ta, Aaron Bowley, a musician and producer, will be heading up the entertainment arm of the event. The conference will have different celebrity speakers and entertainers, as per the organizers, although nothing official has been announced yet.

Hope For Setting An Example: The organizers hope that the Dogecoin conference will be inclusive for everyone and that it will set a new standard for the cryptocurrency communities.

“Our hope is to set an example for other crypto communities to follow,” Ta said. “As many diverse crypto enthusiasts join our conference and find friendly acceptance there, we hope they’ll carry the same unified message and mindset back to their own communities, making the entire crypto space a friendlier, more accepting, and more cooperative place.”

This is not the first Dogecoin-themed event planed. ‘Dogepalooza’ is set to take place in Texas in October this year. 

What’s Next: The official website for The Doge Conference will launch Thursday morning, with announcements coming from Ta, Moran and Bowley.

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