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Hamburg, Germany, Aug. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FlanoSwap is a decentralized exchange platform that runs on the Cardano blockchain. It is the first decentralized exchange and a complete launchpad solution for the Cardano ecosystem. Offering a broad range of fundraising profiles, FlanoSwap will be the key to unlock the liquidity of Cardano.

The exchange platform will have its trading and monetization features based on AMM (Automated Market Maker) protocol. This means the trades facilitated by users will not be matched by others when using order books. Instead, they will be trading with each other by locking their tokens into a liquidity pool. The use of AMM will ensure a quick, efficient, and powerful liquidity upgrade beyond the constant product pool with the capital of users put to work. It will also help in optimizing ownership and profits towards the development of financial institutions. All these features will make FlanoSwap an attractive platform for product developers looking for a sustainable environment.

The reason for developing FlanoSwap on Cardano is the latter’s efficient architecture. Cardano was designed to overcome the weaknesses of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is the first peer-to-peer blockchain audited in the world. The non-profit organization responsible for Cardano has formed a network of academics and scientists from universities worldwide, including the University of Edinburgh and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, to consider the agreement before its release.

Gathering from all this, it is clear that Cardano is a product of great scholarly works. Its structure consists of two main layers- the payment layer and the Control layer. The payment layer includes ADA, the ecosystem’s local currency, and has Ouroboros at its core, which uses a proof-of-stake protocol to issue cryptocurrencies. The other layer, the Control layer, is where the smart contract is signed. Cardano is developed and customized to cut down on energy consumption and reduce the time to create new cryptocurrencies.

FLAN is the native token of FlanoSwap on Cardano. It’s a utility governance token whose max supply is projected to be 200,000,000 FLAN. The tokenomics include distributing 10% tokens in the seed phase, 15% for strategic partners, 24% in the private phase, and 1% in the pubic sales. Furthermore, 50% supply would be reserved for project development, in which 25% would be sent to liquidity, and another 25% would be directed towards the marketing and development of the project. FLAN holders will be able to stake their tokens to earn more profits from trading fees. Staking FLAN would also lead to an extra multiplier on yield. FlanoSwap will include a limited governance model allowing FLAN members to participate and vote on community proposals and modifications.

Other than the incredible FLAN token, FlanoSwap houses multiple features. Though the exchange is decentralized, the order books are kept centralized, meaning anyone on the system can trade orders sent by FlanoSwap to the order book and vice versa. This unique aspect sets the exchange apart from others as most of them lack an order book to aggregate across liquidity groups. FlanoSwap is also a pure market maker who takes the token locked in it to create a series of orders at different prices and sizes to provide liquidity.

The equation used has a specific property of being “stateless,” and given any two tokens, without any prior information about their prices or value, it can provide “infinite” liquidity to traders. The exchange’s swap is devised to provide a cost-effective and straightforward option for high-speed swapping to traders. Cost savings of swapping tokens would be more significant for those liquidity providers who frequently reallocate their assets to different pools, which will land them more earning opportunities and flexibility. FlanoSwap will also issue LP tokens to track the percentage of the pool a particular token holder owns. If the necessary criteria are met, the FlanoSwap community will allow farming of these tokens to return additional FlanoSwap as rewards.

The developers will launch the FLAN wallet in August to allow users to manage their tokens easily and securely on the Cardano ecosystem. This wallet is a lightweight crypto wallet, which could be accessed right on the mobile phone and website. It will enable fast & simple money transfer where sending crypto will become as easy as sending a message to anyone, anywhere. The FLAN team has given great prominence to the privacy and security of the users. Due to which the wallet is developed, the application collects none of the user’s data. This ensures that the users are in charge of managing their private key and Passphrase of the wallet. Not only is governing all the crypto assets made easier in one place, but the wallet will also automatically optimize transaction cost and speed for users. At the same time, they can also manually adjust the gas fee by dragging the gas fee bar depending on their needs.

Apart from all these outstanding elements, the FLAN wallet will keep users updated with the latest market news and provide quality reports and various monitoring tools. Developers are also planning to create an NFT marketplace where artists and collectors could create, trade, and collect digital art products. These efforts will open new doors for the community and significantly expand their financial options.

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