Cardano In A Mega Uptrend Vs BTC For BINANCE:ADABTC By BitcoinMacro


This might ruffle a lot of feathers, but I’ll say it : Cardano isn’t a cryptocurrency, it’s an idea, it’s a movement, it’s a marketing scheme, it’s a cult. Until mid 2020 Cardano had no staking and up until a few days ago it didn’t have smart contracts, yet it is the no.3 cryptocurrency. It’s at 75B in Mcap and it has 22% of Ethereum’s size yet nobody has really built anything on it yet. However that is changing now… With smart contracts and so many passionate holders/followers (cult members ) Cardano could explode higher.

When looking at ADABTC it is clear that the 2017-2018 was totally unsustainable, but the bubble perfectly popped and then a huge accumulation started. One of the cleanest and strongest accumulations, and then staking launched which gave it another boost along with all its great marketing. The trend currently is so much cleaner and stronger, that I do believe ADA could easily go up 3-5x from here in BTC terms and reach the current market cap of Ethereum . With such high fees on Ethereum , Cardano might steal its thunder for some time… Maybe we get to see something similar to what we saw with Solana but potentially less massive as Cardano is already quite large. Like with Solana and several other coins we have seen the impact Binance & Coinbase listings are having on the market, so Cardano will potentially get a bigger boost soon as it hasn’t had a massive pump since it got listed on Coinbase.

In USD terms I have no idea how well will it do short term as if the market has a large pullback it will follow to the downside vs USD, but probably won’t break its trend vs BTC . It’s so close to its BTC ATH , that I doubt it won’t break it and have a huge rally.

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