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A large investor has selected Dogecoin 2.0 for its expert solutions to the problems of the original Dogecoin. This man, who we will call “Teddy” for his privacy, gives us his point of view about Doge2, the Dogecoin Foundation and disagreements between the new and original Dogecoin blockchains.

Q : Teddy, what do you think about the recent threat from the Dogecoin Foundation to Dogecoin2.0?

A: My point will be short because developers are more qualified to answer this question. What I can say is that Dogecoin is not a registered trademark. There are many other “dogecoin-type” tokens. The fact that Doge 2 has been the only one threatened is very suspicious. Maybe they’re scared (laugh).

Q : Why did you decide to invest in Dogecoin 2.0? Is it just a BSC Copycat or is there something more to Doge2?

A: Doge2 is not a copycat. The name was born from the Dogecoin community, which aimed to solve problems linked to Doge, such as supply, utility and development. Originally, there was an idea to build an ecosystem with Doge as the coin and Doge2 as the store of value. Unfortunately, this was impossible. If you hear things like “BSC? Doge2? It’s just a copycat!” I would respond with this: read and study!

Dogecoin2 is a limited supply token with a team that can be easily contacted, even by phone. The coin has passed a safety audit, where the team’s funds were locked for 2 years. This extensive, expert audit made Doge2 scam-proof and rugpull-proof. Along with this, the projects in the whitepaper like its own blockchain development and Exchange Platform make it far more multi-dimensional than the original Dogecoin.

Q : What are your views on ambition and the Dogecoin 2.0 project?

A: Ambition and people are the keys to success. I have always invested in people rather than just crunching numbers, especially if a project is fresh. Dogecoin 2.0 was born in May 2021 and is so complex of a project that it needs time to be fully realized. But I am patient. To put a spin on Warren Buffet’s famous phrase: “Crypto is a way to transfer money from the impatient to the patient.” I had the opportunity to communicate with the team and the founder. I saw a fire in them.

Q : How do you see Dogecoin2 in a few years?

A: Well, I don’t have a crystal ball and nor do I give financial advice, but I trust in this project, and especially the team behind it. Doge2 is young and has yet to appear on important exchanges. Trading volumes are low at the moment but “time is a gentleman.” Once Doge2 will be seen by the masses in the correct light, the perception of Doge2 will be transformed.

Q : Is there another dream you have for Dogecoin2?

A: I am a romantic. I hope to one day see Doge and Doge 2 create something special together with a unified community. No rivalry, just mutual support.


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