EXCLUSIVE: The ‘Dogecoin Millionaire’ Hasn’t Sold A Single DOGE — Here Are His New Bets – Dogecoin – United States Dollar ($DOGE)


In an interview with Benzinga, Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) millionaire Glauber Contessoto said he still owns every single DOGE he has bought so far and shared his price prediction and new investments.

What Happened: Contessoto told Benzinga his Dogecoin price target for the end of the year is “around 50 cents.” He has also not “sold a single Dogecoin” so far and currently holds 4,206,969 DOGE — worth more than $987,000 as of press time. Even though Dogecoin fell from its all-time highs, he is still known to the world as “the Doge millionaire.”

According to Contessoto, Dogecoin’s branding “is its greatest asset” and when it comes to its fundamentals “it does exactly what it was created to do — buy and sell things.”

Contessoto said he doesn’t know technical analysis; instead, he understands “market sentiment and pop culture shifts.” His Dogecoin investment is mostly motivated by him noticing “the economy leaning towards with a heavier reliance on social media trends, influencer marketing and viral meme-based media.”

According to Contessoto, Dogecoin will “be every newcomers’ bridge into cryptocurrency in the coming years,” also admitting “Dogecoin took off sooner than” he expected and asked, “How much bigger is this thing really going to be?”


What Has The Doge Millionaire Bet On? Talking about his other investments, Contessoto shared that he holds about 8,500 Cardano (CRYPTO: ADA) — more than $19,000 as of press time — and plans to start staking it on the JOEY Stake Pool to earn 5% off of it.

Looking into the future of the crypto space, he’s most excited about Dogecoin’s mass adoption to start taking place.

“Every time I see a new company or retailer accepting Dogecoin I get warm fuzzies in my tummy and it’s a good feeling,” Contessoto said. According to him, “aligning with Doge is a no-brainer” for companies given its “incredible and strong community, free marketing dollars on promo and ads” and its positive message with “Do Only Good Everyday.”

Photo: Executium via Unsplash

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