Shiba Inu Holders Level With Dogecoin As Robinhood Petition Surpasses 259,000 Signatures


Shiba Inu is popularly known as the “Doge Killer”. A term coined by the asset’s creator in the original announcement of the creation of the coin. Since then, the meme coin has gone head to head with Dogecoin over which is the better meme coin.

Dogecoin has no doubt held its own against the then-newcomer and continues to see grown support from its community. But that has not stopped the Shiba Inu community from growing. SHIB has gotten support from major players in the crypto space, with listings on top exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

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The asset which is mostly driven by pure hype keeps outperforming expectations in the market. Bringing investors up to 2,000% gains just in the past week alone. With impressive stats like this, the SHIB community has set its sight on one of the biggest meme coin trading platforms in the space; Robinhood.

Community Asks Robinhood To List SHIB

Robinhood is known as the go-to platform for investors who are looking to invest in Dogecoin. The trading app gained popularity during the meme stock craze in 2020, and subsequently, the meme coin craze which had Dogecoin at the forefront. Its easy-to-use interface was the driving force behind the adoption and has since then held its reputation as the place to trade Doge.

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SHIB holders now want a piece of the action. The community is asking the leadership of Robinhood to consider listing Shiba Inu on the platform so they can also trade the meme coin on its trading app.

A petition had been started by a supporter known as Tristan Luke on the popular petition platform The petition which was created months ago had been slowly gaining traction. But thanks to the recent rally of the price of SHIB, support has poured out for the petition, which now has over 259,000 signatures.

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Growth Of Shiba Inu And Possible Listing

Being a meme coin, Shiba Inu was expected to die out not long after its launch. However, the digital currency has done the exact opposite. Now in its sixth month of being in the market, the asset has gained support to the level of top coins in the market.

It was reported last week that SHIB had been the most talked-about cryptocurrency on social media worldwide. It had claimed this position ahead of top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even beloved meme coin Dogecoin. Its recent rally saw the asset claim the 12th spot on the list of biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap with a current market cap of $10 billion.

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Given the asset’s growth, it will not be farfetched for a trading platform like Robinhood to consider listing SHIB for investors to trade. It will no doubt promote adoption for Robinhood and would allow existing customers to invest in the platform instead of taking their money elsewhere.

Robinhood has so far not made any comments regarding the petition. But with the number of signatures it has garnered in the past month, we expect that Robinhood will come forward with a response for the community.

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