Flickto — A Unique Launchpad to Raise Funds for Media Projects


Flickto is a newly launched Cardano-driven community media launchpad. It provides filmmakers, TV, and streaming content creators funding.

Millions of artists worldwide are eager to make the next streaming sensation, box office smash, or Emmy Award-winning TV program. Producing content has never been easy, as funding is always a hurdle. Flickto is working towards changing this.

Flickto will empower artists internationally by funding projects picked and voted upon by the Flickto community. For the first time in media history, regular people may determine which media initiatives get financed and profit from their success by collecting distribution rewards. Rather than enabling media giants to prosper themselves, consumers who helped a project will be directly rewarded.

Flickto’s native token is FLICK. A share of successful project’s distribution royalties is paid to users who stake their FLICK to vote on media projects. Initially, holders of ADA may earn FLICK by staking to one of the Flickto project pools.

The FLICK token will also be traded on CEX/DEX’s, ensuring extensive token distribution and user participation. The community may also stake FLICK tokens for extra payouts.

Flickto will also let content producers advertise their projects through limited edition NFTs and trailers, distributed evenly among platform users.

Flickto may also operate as a trustworthy content distributor for media projects to secure rights management on the Cardano distributed ledger. Flickto has big aspirations but a clear vision. Flickto intends to sponsor content creators’ projects. 

ISPOs have been used successfully to raise funds for Cardano projects in the past. At Flickto, it will leverage the ISPO model to raise funds for the proposed projects and sponsor media initiatives that the Flickto community selects to fund using the launchpad. Moreover, the ISPO model is a proven sustainable way to finance blockchain projects.

Participating in one of the Flickto ISPO pools rewards the investors with FLICK tokens and NFT airdrops from the first media projects Flickto collaborated with. With over 600,000ADA staked in Flickto’s ISPO, the community has developed substantially in a week since the launch.

Flickto will use the Cardano Initial Stake Pool Offering mechanism to finance the project and sponsor media projects voted on by the Flickto community. Users may stake Cardano ADA in one of the Flickto Cardano Stake Pools and receive FLICK tokens instead of ADA payouts to distribute the FLICK token far and wide.

Users who vote for their favourite media project will be eligible for NFT airdrops generated by the media projects as collector project memorabilia, and can be sold on the secondary NFT market for passive revenue. Users also get a unique opportunity to become a part of a multi-billion dollar industry. Content creators can also get community input on the project proposals.

As per the roadmap, the Initial strategic alliances will be announced in the upcoming month of December. Although Flickto has already announced collaboration with some great-minded personalities like Ben Morris and Geraint Harvard Jones, both have worked in the media industry and have decades of experience in directors’ and producers’ roles.

Interested in learning more about the goals of this innovative and unique platform? Find out the company’s roadmap below:

Flickto is based on a concept unique in the Cardano ecosystem and is relatively new, so they have some very ambitious and aggressive plans for the coming year. The project seems to garner a lot of attention from investors and users from across the globe as there is nothing similar to this concept in the entire Cardano ecosystem today!

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