Crypto currency machine deplanes at Williston Basin Airport


Although flying to and from the airport remains a physical task, travelers through the Williston Basin International Airport can now get digital when it comes to their currency needs.

A Coin Cloud Digital Currency Machine (DCM) has been installed, allowing people to buy and sell over 40 virtual currencies, from Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Coin to Cardano and Ethereum.

Users can also withdraw cash from their digital wallets through the DCM.

The advantage of a Digital Currency Machine is in the convenience for users who prefer not to use their bank or debit card, or who don’t use traditional banks and don’t have access to traditional financial services. Instead, these users can purchase and sell cryptocurrency directly using a digital wallet.

“Traditionally, when you purchase crypto on an exchange, the transaction is directly tied to your bank via a checking account, debit card, or tied to your credit card,” said Williston City Finance Director Hercules Cummings. “Converting cash to crypto through the DCM means there are no recognizable charges, bank account, or credit card. The deposit and withdrawal process happens between the DCM and your digital wallet, simply using cash.”

This is the city’s second foray into the digital currency world. Williston earlier partnered with BitPay to accept digital currency to pay city utility bills.

There are thousands of Digital Currency Machines installed across the country and throughout North Dakota by various companies including Coin Cloud.

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