Elon’s Dogecoin Community Joining Bitgert After its BRC20 Smart Contract Blockchain Launch, Tough Competitor of Shiba Inu, Polygon, Ethereum


Elon’s Dogecoin Community Joining Bitgert After its BRC20 Smart Contract Blockchain Launch, Tough Competitor of Shiba Inu, Polygon, Ethereum


February 16, 2022


Bitgert BRC20 smart contract blockchain went LIVE on 15th February 2022 and is already causing ripples in the crypto industry. The crypto projects left behind by the Bitgert project upon the blockchain launched already have their community members joining the new chain in large numbers. Elon’s Dogecoin community is one of them. Read more on how the Bitgert blockchain has dwarfed competition upon its launching:



Bitgert BRC20 smart contract blockchain is now live, with crypto projects already building on it. The Bitgert chain is going to be a game-changer because it has addressed key blockchain problems, which are the expensive gas fee and low transaction speed. Bitgert blockchain is currently the fastest chain with100,000 TPS, which is way faster than Solana. The gas fee on the Brise chain is zero as it is set at 0.000021 BRISE, which is an equivalent of about $0.0000000000001. These are the features attracting the huge number of crypto community members joining the Bitgert coin today. The Bitgert team is keeping the community updated through the official Twitter account.



Centcex community members started joining Bitgert in large numbers immediately after the announcement of the Brise mainnet development completion. The number grew even bigger when the blockchain went live. However, it appears like Centcex is building its own blockchain. Recently, the Centcex team hinted at developing its own blockchain, something that has gotten the crypto community excited about this project. Therefore, Centcex might be one of the biggest Bitgert competitors plus other crypto projects that have their own blockchains.



Elon’s Dogecoin community has been joining the Bitgert community for some time now, but the launch of the blockchain has increased this number. The biggest advantage that Bitgert has over Dogecoin is its own blockchain. The Brise chain is also very young and has huge potential to explode, unlike Dogecoin. With the Brise chain, just a few days live, there is a high chance of the coin growing bullish. These are just a few reasons the Dogecoin community has been joining the Bitgert coin.


Shiba Inu

The competition is finally catching up with Shiba Inu as one of its toughest competitors has made a move that shocked the industry. The launch of a blockchain is one thing, but being the fastest and the cheapest gas chain is another thing. That’s the kind of blockchain the Bitgert team has developed. The Shiba Inu team will need to develop more projects plus a cheaper and fasters blockchain that will match up with Bitgert. Without this, more Shiba community members will be joining Bitgert.



Polygon’s contribution towards improving blockchain and reducing gas fees cannot be under-emphasized. This is one scaling solution that has enabled Ethereum developers to build projects in a faster and cheaper platform. But Bitgert is offering better features than Polygon. Like Polygon, the Bitgert chain is compatible with Ethereum. The Brise chain is also faster than Polygon and even offers cheaper gas fees. These are some of the reasons why Brise chain is now one of the biggest competitors of this scaling solution.



For the longest time now, Ethereum has been struggling with the issues of poor decentralization, scaling, and high gas fee. These are actually the issues that Serenity upgrade is trying to fix. But this upgrade might not make the Ethereum chain better than the Bitgert chain. They need to beat the Bitgert BRC20 smart contract blockchain 100k speed, and the zero gas cost. Therefore, Ethereum community members will continue to join Bitgert coin as the project is getting better with time.


Binance Coin

The cryptocurrency that has its community joining Bitgert is the Binance coin. It is true that the Binance chain is doing very in the market, but that was in the absence of the Bitgert chain. Today, the Bitgert chain offers faster transaction speed, and the gas fee for every transaction is zero. This Binance trading on the Binance chain is now considered super slow and expensive compared to what Bitgert chain is offering. That’s why Binance coin community is joining Bitgert today.

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