Shiba Inu Price Drops as Bitgert Price Skyrocketing after its BRC20 Smart Contract Blockchain Launch, Tough Competition for Dogecoin, Polygon, Ethereum & Binance


Shiba Inu Price Drops as Bitgert Price Skyrocketing after its BRC20 Smart Contract Blockchain Launch, Tough Competition for Dogecoin, Polygon, Ethereum & Binance


February 17, 2022

Bitgert smart contract launch

The Bitgert smart contract launch has challenged several top cryptocurrencies for their positions

After a few days of posting stable prices, the crypto market is on a bear run today. Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most major cryptocurrencies are in red, which is a sign of a bearish market condition. But it is good news for the Bitgert investors because the coin is skyrocketing during this bear market. The current bullish Brise coin is because of the recently launched Bitgert BRC20 smart contract blockchain. Below is more about the launched Brise chain and its competitiveness against large cryptocurrencies:



The powerful Bitgert chain has attracted thousands of crypto investors who are now buying the coin even during this bear condition. The Bitgert chain went LIVE on 15th February 2022, and immediately the crypto community started joining the coin in large numbers. In fact, the Bitgert holders have increased in thousands since the chain launch. The growing number of investors is the factor driving the skyrocketing Bitgert prices.

Bitgert BRC20 smart contract blockchain transaction speed is 100k TPS, making it the fastest blockchain, faster than Solana. Bitgert is also the cheapest chain, as the gas fee cost for transacting tokens is 0.000021 $BRISE, or $0.0000000000001, which is basically zero cost. That’s how powerful Brise blockchain is, and it is the reason why the coin is skyrocketing during a bearish market. Crypto experts say Bitgert is about to start a bull run.



The bear run is hitting the crypto market right now, but Centcex is one of the new cryptocurrencies doing well in the market. With the launch of the Brise blockchain, Centcex is one of the crypto projects feeling the heat. Its crypto community has been joining the Brise chain in large numbers, but this trend might not last for a long time. The recent update by the Centcex team is that the project might build its blockchain. With the large utility the Centcex team is building and staking reward of 100% APY, Centcex might be the next biggest Bitgert competitor.


Shiba Inu

The dropping price of Shiba Inu is attributed to the plunging crypto market. Although the coin had a minimal drop with the price a bit stable at the time of this writing, it had posted a significant drop over the last 7 days. However, the coin is still posting a good price compared to the January price, even with this drop. But the Shiba Inu development team needs to do a lot to keep growing like its tough competitor, Bitgert, even during bear conditions.



The competition between Dogecoin and Bitgert networks is now on a new level after the launch of the Brise chain. One thing that stands out about Dogecoin is the growing adoption that coin is experiencing, with companies like Tesla accepting DOGE for purchasing merchandise. But Bitgert is beating Dogecoin on products delivery, and the Brise chain launch has upped the competition. Bitgert is now far ahead of Dogecoin, and that’s why a huge number of DOGE holders are joining the Brise chain.



The launch of the Bitgert BRC20 smart contract blockchain has increased the Polygon network’s competition. For a long time now, Polygon has been one of the top best scaling solutions for the Ethereum network. The Brise chain might end the privilege that Polygon has been enjoying by providing a better scaling solution for the Ethereum-based developers. The new chain is compatible with Ethereum and offers faster speed and a cheaper gas fee than Polygon. That’s how competitive the Bitgert blockchain has become in the crypto industry.



The competition between Ethereum and Bitgert is now taking shape after the latter launched its own blockchain. The BRC20 blockchain offers faster speed and a cheaper gas fee than what ETH is offering. In fact, the Bitgert blockchain has addressed all the major limitations of the Ethereum network. That’s why it has become one of the biggest Ethereum competitors. However, the Serenity upgrade that is currently ongoing might increase Ethereum’s competitiveness. The Upgrade will make the ETH network faster and cheaper than today.


Binance Coin

There are many ways that the launched BRC20 smart contract blockchain has increased the Binance coin competition. One of them is the faster speed the new chain is offering. The second one is the cheaper gas. The reasons why the Binance chain has grown fast over the last few years are cheaper and faster transactions. But now, Bitgert has just become the fastest and cheapest blockchain in the crypto industry. Therefore, Binance coin now has a very tough competition to beat.

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