Cardano to end the year at $2.79:’s Cardano Price Predictions Report


  • Cardano is predicted to be worth $2.79 at the end of the year but reach $58 by the end of 2030
  • Panelists delve into why ADA’s price fell following the Alonzo upgrade
  • 10% of panelists say ADA is the altcoin to invest in this year

Cardano (ADA) is expected to have a slow 2022, but holding onto your coins until 2030 may well be worth it, according to’s latest Cardano Price Predictions Report’s panel of fintech, cryptocurrency and NFT specialists predict ADA will end 2022 at just US$2.79, which is roughly 10% lower than the coin’s all-time high of $3.10. However, massive price increases could be in ADA’s future.

According to the panel average, ADA is expected to be worth $8.18 by the end of 2025, before skyrocketing to $58 by 2030 – over 4000% higher than the price of ADA at the beginning of 2022. 

However ADA’s price has been down since September last year, and the panel thinks this is due to multiple factors. 

33% believe it’s due to general volatility, while 33% say it’s still too soon post Alonzo upgrade for any positive impact on price to be realized, and 33% attribute the drop to an absence of market share in terms of total value locked. Meanwhile a small minority (8%) thought it was due to dApp exploits. 

CoinSmart CEO and co-founder Justin Hartzman is part of the 33% who believe we’re still in the early stages post-update. Long-term, Hartzman believes ADA will thrive.

“Yes, they are infamously slow with their developments, but let’s look at what we have so far. Cardano has completely decentralized block production and they have done wonderful work in Africa. I believe that Cardano will thrive in the future.”

NDAX CEO Bilal Hammoud, who gave a 2030 prediction on par with the panel average, believes ADA is sorely underrated. 

“ADA is one of the most underrated assets, as the smart contract and Defi stabilize we should see many projects migrate to it,” he said. 

In fact, one in ten (10%) panelists believe that compared to other altcoins, ADA is the best investment for 2022. 

University of Brighton senior lecturer Paul Levy says it’s because Cardano “is showing strong growth potential with a potential innovation-based foundation.”

Permission chief product officer Vanessa Harris is also bullish on ADA’s future:

“It is one of the few smart contract platforms that have placed security, correctness, decentralization at their core, backed by formal methods and peer reviewed research,”

“While this means Cardano moves more deliberately in the short term, long term this resilience should support adoption by nation states and non-governmental organizations. We are already seeing this adoption happen in Ethiopia and Tanzania,” she said.

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