Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Reveals New Upcoming Project


It’s been just revealed that Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson addresses a new upcoming project which has the potential to narrow the gap between the developed and the developing world.

Hoskinson also said that an Africa-focused peer-to-peer lending project would be launched on the Cardano blockchain this year.

“Another thing that I think is really cool on the horizon we’re doing this year is that we’re finally able to do peer-to-peer lending into Africa…”

He continued and said:

“We will be able to demonstrate alone with a stablecoin on Cardano, done completely peer-to-peer, to a blockchain-based identity in Kenya.”

Cardano’s creator will help in narrowing income and wealth inequalities among countries.

“The long and short is if you get that done then, in short order, billions of dollars of value will go from the developed world to the developing world where the interest rates are higher…”

He also said:

“That gets me very excited because that helps us bridge the gap and create that one global economy. As opposed to two economies of the haves and the have-nots.”

Hoskinson also made sure to say that the trustless nature of blockchains is one of the technology’s biggest contributions to the world.

“This concept of inclusive accountability, your ability to verify something someone tells you…”

He also said:

“There are so many things in life from credentials to voting to money where you actually find out that you’re actually trusting a third-party institution you’re not actually able to verify that…”

At the beginning of this month, we addressed other new projects for Cardano.

Cheeky Crypto, known as the YouTube channel of cryptocurrencies, provided an overview of three play-to-an metaverse games offered at Cardano (ADA).

These three attempts will be successful and create billionaires in the coming years. The Cardano index rose over 20% last week but reversed on Thursday.

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