Cardano Doubles The Reward For Hackers To Discover Vulnerabilities


Cardano doubles the reward for hackers to discover vulnerabilities on the blockchain and declared that it doubled the payout for the white hat hackers whcih are able to identify these threats so let’s read furhter in today’s latest Cardano news.

Teh company revealed its six-week promotion which will close in March with goals to keep the businesses and customers safe. Cardano started a six-week promotion and doubled the reward for the bounty hunters and the hackers to find the vulnerabilities in the Cardano ecosystem. $20,000 is the highest amount platform that was offered to hackers to discover critical bugs in the network and similarly, the hackers identified minor bugs in the Cardano nodes but received an amount of $800.

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On the other side, the bounty hunters discovered critical vulnerabilities in the Cardano wallet and they can get a reward of $15,000 for it while they can also get a $600 reward for those that will uncover fewer criticial vulnerabilities. The foundation partnered with HackerOne, a white hat hacker platform, and a vulnerability management company that uses hackers to find flaws and secure teh financial ecosystem from further attacks. The company even offered $10,000 to find critical vulnerabilities in the network while $7500 for identifying the weak points in the Cardano wallet.

Cardano doubles the reward for the hackers and to boost the security check on the network, the foundation doubled the bounty reward for the hackers to uncover future vulnerabilities in the blockchain. While explaining the moto behind the new promotion, the platform told it needs to work with security communities for finding vulnerabilities points to keep the businesses and the customers safe and added:

“From this program, we aim to strengthen the Cardano brand through this public bug bounty program, covering essential items to access and manage crypto assets that are issued on the Cardano blockchain.”

The company clarified that the scope of the bug bounty program will include any UI or general functionality bugs and while identifying the type of bugs and vulnerabilities considered for the reward, the foundation mentioned that these should be quite sensitive so for example it includes IDing the errors which can cause crashes and the attacks that could cause to lower the blockchain quality. Furthermore, the blockchain company mentioned that it wants the hackers to uncover these areas which can be a huge vulnerability and can open a way for cyber criminals so that the findings can be arranged to discuss on a daily scale.

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Crypto adoption is increasing fast, and so is the crypto community but the white hat hackers will play a huge role in fighting against the vulnerabilities and the hacks which are constantly growing. To put it simply, white hat hackers are looking for security loopholes that the black hat hackers or criminals can use as a way to enter the proejct.

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