BTC Reclaims Top Crypto Mentioned on Twitter with Cardano Beating Solana in 4th and 5th Spot


After quite a while, BTC has once again regained its spot as the top cryptocurrency mentioned on Twitter. For a period of time, other cryptocurrencies like Shib, Sol, and others have started becoming more popular than BTC but just recently, the top crypto regained its spot once again.

Bitcoin Now the Most Mentioned Crypto on Twitter

After Bitcoin once again regained a market sentiment of neutral, the cryptocurrency once again dropped in price to the $38k mark bringing the Bitcoin fear and greed index back to extreme fear. With that, this has sparked once again the talk about BTC and whether it will be going up or down in price.

Although Shiba Inu usually gets talked around on Twitter, the meme coin is now down to its third spot with Cardano at fourth place and Solana at fifth place. A tweet by CoinTrendz showed the top 10 most mentioned cryptocurrencies on Twitter.

WAX Enters the List as 10th Most Mentioned Crypto on Twitter

One interesting cryptocurrency on the list was WAX which as per CoinMarketCap, is a “purpose-built blockchain” which was designed to make transactions faster, simpler, and even safer using the POS consensus as opposed to POW.

WAX was founded by William Quigley and Jonathan Yantis with Quigley graduating from the University of South California and experience working with Disney. Yantis, as of the moment, works as WAX’ COO.

Here are the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies on Twitter Based on Mentions:


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: BTC

  • Total number of mentions: 494 mentions on Twitter


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: ETH

  • Total number of mentions: 159 mentions on Twitter

Shiba Inu

  • Cryptocurrency ticker: SHIB

  • Total number of mentions: 138 mentions on Twitter


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: ADA

  • Total number of mentions: 87 mentions on Twitter


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: SOL

  • Total number of mentions: 67 mentions on Twitter


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: DOGE

  • Total number of mentions: 60 mentions on Twitter


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: USDT

  • Total number of mentions: 58 mentions on Twitter


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: LTC

  • Total number of mentions: 50 mentions on Twitter


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: DGB

  • Total number of mentions: 47 mentions on Twitter


  • Cryptocurrency ticker: WAXP

  • Total number of mentions: 41 mentions on Twitter

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How Cardano Differs from Solana

As of the moment, the ten cryptocurrencies above have been mentioned on Twitter numerous times over the past hour with Cardano beating Solana. Although Solana has previously been dominating when it came to layer-2 solutions, Cardano has slowly caught up with the launch of SundaeSwap.

As per an article by MoneyZG, Cardano differs from Solana when it comes to scaling the network. While Solana focuses on scaling before decentralization, Cardano, on the other hand, focuses more on decentralization and will scale later on.


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