Cardano to Have Its Own ZK-Rollups: Design Unveiled


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Vladislav Sopov

Orbis, a first-ever scaling solution for Cardano (ADA) that is set to leverage zk-rollups, unveils its design and roadmap


Cardano’s (ADA) DeFi ecosystem is going to have its own scalability solution that moves the computations off-chain to reduce pressure on Cardano’s mainnet.

Cardano to meet zk-rollups: What is Orbis?

The team at Orbis, an early-stage Cardano scaling solution, has published a request for funding on Project Catalyst’s Ideascale platform. Per the document, Orbis product has all the chances to significantly advance Cardano’s performance and dev experience.

Just as with other zk-based solutions, transactions on Orbis will take place off-chain and then be broadcast to Cardano’s mainnet through a resource-efficient mechanism.

The protocol is set to utilize zkSNARKs (Succinct, Non-interactive, ARgument of Knowledge), a type of zero-knowledge proof that does not require two-way interaction between on-chain and off-chain modules.

As per the statement, the team is requesting $1 million in funding to develop and launch Orbis on Cardano (ADA).

ZCash’s Halo protocol will give Cardano’s performance a boost

The protocol team is lead by Ryan Matovu, a founder of Ardana, which is Cardano’s first stablecoin and DeFi hub. As covered by U.Today previously, Ardana made headlines with its decentralized Cardano-Near bridge.

Cardano’s Orbis will leverage Halo 2, a technology developed and stress-tested by mainstream privacy-focused blockchain ZCash (ZEC).

Orbis ecosystem will be highly scalable: it even allows users to built Layer 3 solutions on its top.

As we previously covered, Cardano’s community incubator, Project Catalyst, is the largest support initiative for Cardano-focused early-stage products.

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