Cardano Remains Stable as Bitgert Continues to Grow



April 30, 2022


The performance for the Bitgert project has been impeccable over the past few months.

The Cardano price has been dropping non-stop for the past 5 days, pulling back from $0.9 to $0.8 at the time of this writing. During the same period, its toughest competitor, Bitgert (BRISE), has been skyrocketing non-stop to post one of the biggest price gains in the past two weeks.

The two coins are expected to post almost the same performance in the coming days, with the Cardano remaining stable growth while Bitgert will continue to post a skyrocketing growth. But what are the major factors driving the growth in these two coins? Well, here are several things you need to know:



The performance for the Bitgert project has been impeccable over the past few months. Bitgert has been among the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies both in project delivery and price. The Bitgert team has delivered so much development in the past few weeks, with the BRC20 blockchain being perhaps the biggest development so far. In fact, Bitgert chain adoption is one of the biggest reasons the coin has been skyrocketing.

But going, Bitgert has so much to deliver, especially in the roadmap V2. The recently updated roadmap has many products that the Bitgert team is building. These are high disruptive products that include NFT marketplaces, CEX, Web3 products, and much more. The products will significantly increase the adoption of the Bitgert coin.

The Bitgert team has also started listing Startup Studio on its chain-supported DEX. The team also plans to have hundreds of Bitgert-backed projects launched on the chain before the end of the year. These products are also growing the Bitgert project adoption. Therefore, these are projects that will play a critical role in skyrocketing Bitgert price.



Though Cardano has been among the most plummeting cryptocurrencies, it is expected to have a more stable price. This is because of the developments coming up at Cardano. The expected upgrades are some of the developments expected to make Cardano maintain a stable.

According to the IOHK team, the Cardano Vasil hard fork and the Hydra scaling protocol upgrade are some of the developments that will greatly impact this project. The upgrades of the Cardano chain will make it faster and cheaper by lowering the gas fee. This means the demand for the Cardano chain is going to grow.

But with Bitgert 100k TPS and the zero gas fee, the Cardano team has to do better with these upgrades. That’s how a stable price will be achieved with the Cardano chain.


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