Rocketize Token And Cardano Are Two Altcoins To Consider As The Bull Run Approaches


Most crypto enthusiasts believe that cryptocurrencies that have lost value in this market condition will regain most of it, if not all when the bull market resumes. This means that your favorite altcoins will probably do some decent 3x or 5x, considering that many are already about 80% down from their all-time high. The bull market is actually the accumulation phase for your favorite cryptocurrencies, as you’d be getting them at a discount. There’s quite the saying that the millionaires of the next bull run are determined by the decisions they make in a bear market.

At the moment, Rocketize Token(JATO) is setting up nicely like a memecoin that would rally volume and could lead the market into a bull run like Dogecoin(DOGE) did in 2021. As such, crypto enthusiasts are seizing the opportunity to acquire the token below market price to secure an enormous profit after launch. Memecoins are infamous for making people millionaires overnight, and with the hype building up for Rocketize Token, it would be smart to be early on this; it’s low-risk anyway.

Cardano is another altcoin that has dropped massively from its all-time high. However, the community is pretty active and believes in the token’s potential to bounce back, especially now that the network has had some recent updates like the Vasil hard fork.

The Cardinal Of Crypto – Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is a third-generation blockchain network but has seemed like a late bloomer despite being on the top 10 cryptocurrency list for a while now. The network proposes better scalability offerings and looks like a top ecosystem for growing blockchain solutions. The recent smart contract update brought the network to the limelight and has enjoyed some decent hype since then.

The Cardano blockchain has seen a spike in network activity. Network transactions peaked on October 19 at 82,880, the most since May. With these figures, the blockchain network saw a 75% monthly growth. On September 22, the Cardano mainnet launched the Vasil update, and on September 27, full functionality was made available. The Vasil update has significantly increased user engagement for Cardano dApps.

Active wallets and trading activity has grown on Cardano in the past two months, and NFT trading volume has grown decently also. Despite the slump of the NFT market, the Cardano ecosystem looks to be expanding quickly. Cardano reached a monthly trading volume of over $200 million, making it third after Ethereum and Solana, two of the biggest networks for NFTs.

The only thing that has remained unchanged is the TVL, as it probably points to investors having a negative sentiment toward DeFi on the network. However, that could also change in no time as the network improves.

Ready To Launch – Rocketize Token (JATO)

Rocketize Token(JATO) is a new DeFi memecoin on the BNB Chain that primarily aims to create wealth. Memecoins are renowned as wealth creators but didn’t use to be this way. Dogecoin(DOGE) set a precedent for memecoins to be just for jokes, but Shiba Inu(SHIB) was a revolutionary launch. SHIB used innovative features at its disposal to make its decentralized protocol a wealth-creating tool.

Rocketize Token(JATO) hopes to be revolutionary by creating wealth using utilities across NFTs and DeFi. Apparently, the new memecoin does not buy into the dog memes meta saturating the market. Recent dog memes have been relatively unsuccessful, as it appears the market is searching for something much more unique and fun.

Rocketize is pushing its rocket and astronaut memes to symbolize taking the token’s price to the moon. The token, JATO, will also serve as a governance token, allowing the users to earn some governance share of the network. Users will be more involved in protocol growth, and this model has proven to be suitable for adopting ecosystems over the years.

Rocketize Token (JATO)




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