Bitcoin Support to Arrive in MetaMask Within a Month


MetaMask, an Ethereum wallet, is set to expand its capabilities by integrating support for Bitcoin (BTC). Through this move, the firm aims to bring together users of Bitcoin and Ethereum, making it easier for them to transact seamlessly.

The integration may be ready as soon as next month, but the specifics of the functionality are still to be determined.

Bitcoin Support to Arrive in MetaMask

Bitcoin integration into MetaMask is an important technological transition in the sphere of crypto wallets. MetaMask, which primarily focuses on Ethereum and tokens related to it, is now extending efforts towards Bitcoin. 

This development is meant to offer over 30 millions of monthly active users a more flexible and diverse wallet solution. While the current support of Bitcoin facilities in MetaMask may not be very developed, there are strategies to add more support in the future with the goal of improving the experience of users continually.

MetaMask’s decision to support Bitcoin comes at the heels of the recent improvements in the Bitcoin protocol including the integration of NFT-like features and other smart contracts.

Subsequent developments have further allowed Bitcoin to integrate into the decentralized ecosystem, also known as Web3, and expand its use beyond being solely a cryptocurrency. MetaMask may play a crucial part in this shift since it provides users with a single interface for a wider range of blockchain applications.

Simplifying Cryptocurrency Management

In addition to the addition of Bitcoin support, MetaMask has also been improving other parts of its interface to make cryptocurrency trading easier. An example of this approach is a recent partnership with CoinLedger. Launched on March 18th, this integration enables MetaMask users to easily sync their transaction history with CoinLedger, a cryptocurrency tax software, making compliance easier.

This is part of MetaMask’s wider effort to simplify the challenges of handling self-custody assets across multiple blockchains and wallets. In addition to the convenience, MetaMask also optimizes the security aspects of managing digital assets through the integration of these processes into a single interface.

Such integrations are crucial for increasing adoption and ease of use in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Price Trend

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin price despite failing to breach the resistance level at $72k, has been bullish in the last 24 hours. At press time, BTC was trading at $70,143, a 0.68% surge from the support level.

Concurrently, while the BTC market capitalization soared by 0.59% to $1,382,221,467 while the trading volume fell by 455 to $32,298,328, 850.

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