Thursday, May 23, 2024


Standard Chartered Analyst Says Bitcoin Is Set For A New ATH Above $73,700, You Won’t Believe The Timeline

Analysts from leading international cross-border bank, Standard Chartered have made a bold prediction that Bitcoin could witness a significant rise to new all-time highs above $73,700. This projection, slightly higher than the cryptocurrency’s previous peak, comes with an...

Bitcoin Whales Spend $6.3 Billion In One Day As Historic BTC Buy Signal Appears

Bitcoin whales are not backing down from the market and have continued to capitalize on the pump by buying every dip. The most recent dip toward $60,000 saw these large investors gobble up BTC at an alarming rate,...

Bollinger Bands Creator Predicts Bitcoin Pullback: Key Price Levels

Renowned financial analyst John Bollinger has recently issued a caution regarding the potential for a Bitcoin pullback. After BTC price surged from below $66,000 to almost $72,000 at the beginning of the week, Bollinger, the creator of the...
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Are They Buying Or Selling?

On-chain data suggests the Ethereum whales have shown a burst of activity recently. Here’s what these titans have...
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