Dogecoin Community Celebrates ‘Low Effort Meme Day’ — So, Read This Low-Effort Article About It


Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) co-creator Billy Markus has hereby declared that it is #LowEffortMemeDay. Who are we to go against the meme lord, so here is a low effort sloppily put-together article in honor of this momentous occasion.

Much Memes, Such Wow: Markus was seen encouraging people of Twitter to “make some Dogecoin memes.”

The Dogecoin co-creator wrote, “They’re easy and fun to make. And who knows, maybe one of our low effort memes will catch on!”

Markus spared all efforts and let loose some of his own creations in no time:

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It’s No Trouble At All: Since we are not putting in any efforts today, you can do your own figuring out who Greg’s taking a dig at and why.

But if tou

Decisions don’t get any tougher than this for Greg, the meme creator par excellence, especially when DOGE goes down.

Look Ma, No Effort: Who knew selecting the least effort-made memes for this piece would be so much effort. Exhausting. Here are some that made the cut:

Much fun, but what sets DOGE apart from all the pack is the memes. Markus rustled up some crappy doodle non-fungible tokens in his underwear too, now that’s what we call low effort.

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Also, Markus is coming live on Benzinga’s “Moon or Bust” show later today at 2 p.m. and he would probably be meme-ing pretty hard, so do watch that interview here.

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