Cardano adopts hybrid working policy


The fiduciary manager said that, having consulted with its staff and listened to feedback, it would aim to balance the needs of both employees and clients – but noted the starting point was that every job can be done flexibly with a focus on great outcomes and allowing employees to own the way they work.

Cardano said its London office is currently being re-designed into a workspace to meet all types of work and social activity with a new social and gathering space and team neighbourhoods for colleague location and interaction. It said it was also building in flexibility for the environment to evolve with the organisation and a “state of the art” client suite to meet and deliver on client needs.

This newly designed workspace will allow each team to work as it needs, while bringing the whole group together. Cardano said, with greater flexibility to work from home, the workspace will support higher levels of mobility and greater choice of setting.

Cardano partner and group head of human resources Dawn Thirley said: “Cardano believes there is value in colleagues working together in an office, but is also supportive of home working, encouraging staff to split their time between home and the office, with the appropriate split taking account of the individual’s role and team.”

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