Shiba Inu Coin mounting value predicts to soar up in the near future


Shiba Inu a meme coin is rapidly growing, the coin recently spiked by upto 25% by the tweet of Elon Musk. Now a new prediction per FX Street is been made and mentioned that SHIB is likely to go up to $0.00001 in value by the end of this week.

On June 21 the market value of Shiba Token was $0.0000052, which was a huge decline for it. However, currently, its value is $0.000008442 and is expected to reach 0.0000093.

Although many of the investors hold Shiba Tokens, and many are worried either to hold it or not. As Crypto is under a huge slump, including all the coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin), Investors should consider Shiba or they should wait for the right time.

Despite this, if the Cryptocurrency surge once again so ‘SHIB’ will definitely go up as by the trend. According to sources, the coin has a high chance to rise, but it’s just a prediction nothing else. One should consider and think before investing in such coins, as nowadays the overall Crypto market is down, and no one can guarantee when it’s going to rise.

A meme coin inspired by Dogecoin, also known as ‘Dogekiller’ is launched back in August 2020. It’s been founded by an anonymous person named Ryoshi Shiba. Initially, he started supply of 1 quadrillion tokens, and later on, he locked up half of the coins in a decentralized protocol known as Uniswap.

Furthermore, he also burned half of the tokens to Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum). The Shiba tokens are now very rare in number, and that’s the reason why their values are increasing.

Should you hold Shiba Token?

In case you are in favor of holding the SHIB token, then there is a possibility that it will rise once again, but it’s just a prediction. According to Yahoo Finance,

“It’s just as easy to find experts who predict that the coin of the moment will soon be tossed onto the trash heap of crypto history with the rest of the fallen altcoins”.

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