Top 5 Coins Insiders are Betting on in Crypto


Altcoins have massive upside, that’s what makes them exciting…and risky. I’ve got the information on what is happening with these coins and where they might be headed. There are movers, shakers, whales, and WHALERS that are vying for control of the crypto markets. So while the pot is being stirred by mega-corporations, cartels and billionaires it’s the perfect time for YOU to make gains.

The market is choppy now but these are the top 5 coins that TokenMetrics and I have been looking at for July. They are the real deal and ones that the banks are talking about behind closed doors. If you’re looking for the BEST coins to invest in for 2021 and this July, you’ve come to the right place.

0:00 Sensual Noir Flavored Intro
0:57 Decentraland
2:00 Ethereum
2:32 Uniswap
3:46 Polygon
5:35 The Graph





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