Burger King now accepting Dogecoin for dog treats in Brazil


Burger King is now accepting Dogecoin for their Dogpper dog treats, though this is only available at locations in Brazil for the time being, it seems.

This news was previously reported by Yahoo Finance.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency (pronounced “Dough JEE coin”) that has been in existence since December 2013, and though it was meant as a satire of cryptocurrency, featuring a derpy Shiba Inu as a logo, based on a then-popular meme format, it has become semi-legitimate as a payment option along with Bitcoin.

Each Dogpper dog treat costs about 5 Dogecoins, which equals around 60 cents, and for availability reasons, customers are limited to five per order.

Burger King now accepts Dogecoin for dog treats in Brazil.

Burger King introduced the Dogpper dog treats in Argentina in 2019, perhaps taking a cue from Starbucks Puppuccinos, which seems like a great idea that American and Canadian stores ought to begin using.

Dogpper, of course, is a mashup of “Dog’s Whopper,” their name for the signature flame-grilled burger, which was introduced in 1957 at a Gainesville, Florida, location.

Dogecoin has a sporadic history in NASCAR as they were a primary sponsor for Josh Wise’s No. 98 Phil Parsons Racing vehicle (which ran as both a Ford Fusion and a Chevrolet SS) for a handful of races during the 2014 NASCAR Cup Series schedule, and then recently during the 2021 Xfinity Series season with Stefan Parsons driving the No. 99 Toyota Supra for BJ McCleod Motorsports at Nashville Superspeedway.

Stefan is Phil Parsons’ son, and this was the same weekend that racer dog Asher Wallace appeared on Bubba Wallace’s car.

Burger King itself has also been involved in NASCAR off and on for decades, most notably the sharp-looking flame-inspired black and orange No. 87 Joe Nemechek drove in the 1990s, and more recently appearing on the BK Racing vehicles or Tony Stewart’s No. 14.

Yahoo Finance notes that human food cannot be purchased with Dogecoin at this time.

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