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0:00 Intro
2:09 LunarCrush
4:43 Messari
6:40 Glassnode
7:48 Skew
9:04 Santiment
11:08 CoinGecko
12:42 CryptoPanic
13:49 Coinmarketcal
14:57 CryptoMiso
16:15 Coin Dance
17:33 Final Thoughts


🔨 Crypto Tools 🔨

► LunarCrush:
► Messari:
► Glassnode:
► Skew:
► Santiment:
► CoinGecko:
► CryptoPanic:
► Coinmarketcal:
► CryptoMiso:
► Coin Dance:


1️⃣ LunarCrush 1️⃣

The truth is that many people first hear about a crypto project on social media. What LunarCruh does is use artificial intelligence, machine learning and all that great stuff to gather and organize social information about different cryptocurrencies and make sense of it all.

This includes things like social engagement, Twitter activity, Reddit, link popularity, news activity, Google search volume and much, much more.

So, if you want to see a snapshot of the popularity of a cryptocurrency then LunarCrush is the place to go.

2️⃣ Messari 2️⃣

This crypto aggregator that helps you scout those hidden gems to add to your portfolio or adopt a data driven approach to help you make better trading decisions.

You can slice and dice that data in almost infinite ways to help you filter out projects quickly.

3️⃣ Glassnode 3️⃣

This is the only tool you need when it comes to on-chain market indicators for BTC or ETH. This covers data for stuff like exchange in-flows, out-flows, number of new wallets and active ones.

All that helps you generate a better macro picture of the current state of crypto markets.

4️⃣ Skew 4️⃣

This tool is amazingly useful if you like dabbling in exotic crypto instruments like futures and options. It is also home to detailed DeFi stats too.

So, if you are an advanced trader or want to jump down the DeFi rabbit hole, then you could definitely check Skew out.

5️⃣ Santiment 5️⃣

This tool is for all you crypto traders out there. The tool basically combines on-chain, social and development data together for over 900 projects and delivers that to you in an easily digestible way.

So, one use-case is to help you spot exit opportunities by identifying big spikes in social activity. If everyone is getting excited about a coin shouldn’t you be getting out?

Indeed you can get alerts sent direct to your phone if there is a huge surge in social activity – pretty damn useful.

6️⃣ CoinGecko 6️⃣

Maybe you are looking for an alternative to Coinmarketcap? If that’s you then you might want to check out CoinGecko.The site offers pretty much everything that CMC has to offer, however, it also sports a user generated sentiment poll for every crypto. On top of that more detailed social stats are available for each project and detailed developer data.

7️⃣ CryptoPanic 7️⃣

Researching coins and keeping up with the latest news can be damn tricky and time-consuming. So, if you don’t want your MacBook pro to burn up with 50 open tabs, then you’ll want to use a news aggregator like CryptoPanic.

In a nutshell, this tool is a crypto news aggregator that crawls through reliable news websites and other sources like social media.

8️⃣ Coinmarketcal 8️⃣

Knowing what events are coming up for a project can be critical for price. So, how do people know what’s in the pipeline for a cryptocurrency?

This cryptocurrency calendar tells you about all the upcoming events for that crypto project you might have an eye on.

9️⃣ Crypto Miso 9️⃣

Is a tool to show you the number of commits that have been pushed by each project. This gives you a rough indication of how hard those developers are working.

🔟 CoinDance 🔟

If you are interested in macro crypto data like hash rate, fees, mining breakdown and more, then you might want to check this tool out.

Another neat feature is seeing country specific breakdowns for LocalBitcoins. Here you can get a gauge of how BTC adoption is going in remote parts of the world.


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