Cindicator (CND): What You Need to Know


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📝 Overview 📝

Cindicator is trying merge artificial intelligence (that’s AI) and human intelligence into one hybrid prediction system.

The platform uses the wisdom of the crowd by sending out questions about financial and cryptocurrency markets

This is combined with AI systems that will analyse these responses and give higher weight to those that have been successful.

There are three key components behind the Cindicator network. These are their Analyst pool, their AI system and their collection of products:

– Cindicator analyst pool currently includes over 115,000 analysts.
– After these analysts have given their prediction, Cindicator’s AI system will analyse the accuracy of these. The system will look at things including patterns, mistakes, data clusters etc
– There are additional products that are offered by Cindicator such as the Bot and Cryptometer.

Another central component of Cindicator is their CND utility token. This is used to pay the analysts and for purchasing services from Cindicator.

It is an ERC20 standard token that was built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cindicator issued these initial tokens in an ICO that took place back in 2017. In September of 2017 they were able to raise a total of $15m in exchange for 1.5bn CND tokens.

Cindicator was originally launched back in 2015. The founders of Cindicator have experience in entrepreneurship, software development, data science and trading.

There are also some pretty well known advisors including Anthony Diiorio of Ethereum.

CND tokens are listed on a few exchanges although the bulk of the trading is taking place on Binance. The daily turnover on these exchange books is quite low which could impact on liquidity.

Storage of CND is pretty simple given that they are ERC20 standard – any Ethereum wallet should do.


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