Weekly Trading Analysis: 12 Aug 19 | BTC, LTC & FX


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► 12 Aug 2019 – 📈 Weekly Trading Analysis 💸

Where could we be heading for Bitcoin? We saw a rally last week in the wake of potential currency controls in China and other macroeconomic stresses.


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Trading Forex & Cryptocurrency is very risky. Make sure that you practice adequate risk management to protect your account.

Arb Trader Ali takes a look at some of the most important levels for Bitcoin as we head into the week. Could there be a pull back to the 200 moving average?

Litecoin has also halved and the price is quite tepid currently. Was all the “Halving” talk much ado about nothing? Or will the latent dynamics of limited supply increase the price.

Euro is coming off a bit of a rally last week. However, as we open up this week there is clearly some indecision as to where things are headed. Could we face a sell off based on key technical levels?

GBPUSD is still in some really negative territory on the back of Brexit concerns. There could be an opportunity to short it once more but only if the correct levels are reached. Ali takes a look at these key levels.


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