Aion Coin in 2019: Everything You Need to Know


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📝 Overview 📝

Aion is billing itself as a third generation blockchain that will be used not only to develop dApps on but also as an interoperable bridge.

This will allow seperate blockchain ecosystems to interact with each other. It will make it easy for smart contract developers to port an Ethereum dApp over to the Aion blockchain.

From a technology perspective, there are three key components:

– Aion token bridge: This will move, sign and broadcast interchain transactions. It will also keep the connecting network informed.
– The Aion VM: This is based on a lightweight Java VM implementation that has been crafted specifically for Aion.
– The Aion API: This gives developers an interface for Java based dApps

The Aion team has quite a diverse background and they are spread across the world. The main office is in Toronto and there are over 49 team members in total.

The team has been working hard on their protocol and the numerous GitHub commits are testament to this. They have more than we have seen on other projects.

There is also a pretty decently sized community that is actively supporting the project. This can be seen through their social media followings and Telegram channels.

The ICO for the tokens was held back in late 2017 and they managed to raise a sizable amount of money. This was comprised of a $23m private sale as well as a $20m crowdsale.

The AION tokens are an ERC20 standard and were issued during this crowdsale. AION token prices have been on a wild ride since listing and were caught up in both the bull market and the subsequent bear market.

Trading of AION takes place on a number of exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin etc. There is also a healthy level of turnover across all of their exchange books.

When it comes to storage of the AION tokens then you have a range of options. Given that these are ERC20 standard tokens, you can use any compatible wallet – although you should rather opt for hardware wallet.


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