Fantom Review: FTM Still Worth It?


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📝 Overview 📝

Fantom is distributed ledger stack that is building a platform for the purpose of powering smart cities.

They also want this platform to be able to communicate across multiple service providers – essentially be the IT infrastructure backbone for these future “Smart Cities”.

Fantom uses a DAG data structure instead of a blockchain. This is much faster and is also quite scalable.

Fantom technology stack is made up of a number of different layers.

– Opera Core Layer: This is the bottom layer and it has the responsibility for maintaining consensus across the nodes. It uses a DAG to confirm transactions, and nodes are able to process them asynchronously thanks to the nature of DAG technology.
– Ware Layer: This is designed to execute functions on the platform such issuing rewards and payments as well as writing what are called “Story Data”
– Application layer: This holds the publicly available APIs that the developers will use to allow their dApps to interface with the Opera Ware Layer.

The project held an ICO in June of 2018 where they sold the ERC20 version of their tokens. They sold 40% of the tokens in exchange for about $39m – so about 4 cents a token.

Fantom has also issued tokens on the Binance Chain as BEP2 tokens. This was done in order to increase interoperability by creating a multi-asset cross-chain ecosystem.

The Fantom technical team is comprised of 11 developers and they have diverse backgrounds inluding finance, cryptography, business development, software engineering, architecture and other related disciplines.

FTM tokens are available on a number of different exchanges including Binance, KuCoin, Bittrex, BitMax etc.

There are strong trading volumes for the FTM coin on these centralised Exchanges.

Storing FTM Tokens is pretty simple and any ERC20 wallet will do.


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