NavCoin Review 2019: Cryptocurrency Simplified??


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📝 Overview 📝

Navcoin is a strongly community driven project that is trying to simplify cryptocurrencies for everyone.

It was started in 2014 so is one of the more established coins in the ecosystem. There was no ICO or pre mine with this coin.

Navcoin was built on Bitcoin core but there were a number of changes that the developers have built into the coin. These include things like sub-chain architecture. One of the best features that these sub-chains have is the ability to mix coins for anonymous transactions.

They have also changed their algorithm to a proof-of-stake algorithm which means that transactions are much faster than those of Bitcoin. Blocktimes at Navcoin are only 30 seconds which is much shorter than comparable privacy coins.

The community has also approved segregated witness which means that the block sizes are smaller and hence easier to propagate.

They are also building some exciting new technology including the Valence project. This will use the NavTech subchain so that anonymous dApps can be developed.

The founder of the project is Craig MacGregor who is based in New Zealand. It is mostly community driven though and users are encouraged to get involved.

The NAV token has been through some really volatile trading times and have followed the market in the bull / bear run.

Tokens are trading on a number of exchanges although the bulk of the volume is currently on Binance. There are decent levels of liquidity here.

Once you have your coins then you will have to store them in either the NAV light wallet or the Core wallet if you want to stake. You can also use Coinomi.


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