NEXO Review 2019: Still Worth it? Beginners Guide


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📝 Overview 📝

Nexo is a cryptocurrency that will provide lending services with Crypto provided as the collateral.

You can get fiat funds sent to your account purely through the use of your crypto.

Behind the Nexo technology is their own unique oracle. This will determine the LTV that has be applied to a particular client.

This Oracle will also monitor and regulate all of the aspects on the platform including their analytics, loan distribution etc.

The Oracle will also issue margin calls or notifications to the borrowers if the collateral that they have staked is not able to meet the amount required.

Powering the Nexo protocol is their ERC20 standard NEXO. This was issued as a security token and hence is trying to be completely in line with regulations at the SEC.

There are particular benefits from holding the NEXO tokens including regular dividend payments. You will also get the benefit of reduced interest payments when holding these tokens.

NEXO token holders will also have higher credit limits when using the token.

There is a really large team behind the Nexo protocol. The vast majority of the 14 member core team come from a large consumer FinTech company called Credissimo.

Nexo held an STO back in April of 2018 and were able to raise a total of 52m dollars for 525m NEXO tokens.

NEXO is currently listed on a few exchanges including Huobi global, HitBTC and HotBit. There are pretty reasonable turnover levels on these exchange books.

When it comes to storage then you can use any ERC20 compatible wallet although you are probably best suited to get a hardware wallet.


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