Viacoin Review 2019: What You NEED to Know


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šŸ“ Overview šŸ“

Viacoin is an established cryptocurrency that has been around since 2014. It was built off of the Bitcoin protocol and it was created as a decentralised P2P cryptocurrency. It differs slightly from Bitcoin in that it uses the Scrypt mining algorithm (like Litecoin).

They also use “merged mining” which means that you can mine more than one coin at the same time. In this case, miners will switch between Viacoin and Litecoin. This means more protection and hashpower securing the Viacoin network.

Viacoin also has support for the lightning network and it has completed and it was the first to complete off-chain atomic swaps. The native token on the network is the VIA tokens.

The project was started back in 2014 by a developer called “BTCDrake”. In 2016, development was passed onto a young developer called “Romano”. Most of the rest of the developers on the project are anonymous.

The development in the Viacoin github is quite active and they are likely to roll out a number of important features over the coming months. These are features such as improved privacy with untraceable transactions as well as full implementation of the Lightning Network Daemon.

VIA is quite a volatile cryptocurrency and it has been through a number of ups and downs since launch.

Most of the trading for VIA is taking place on Binance. There are lower levels of volume which means slightly reduced liquidity.

VIA coins can be stored in a number of different wallets. You can keep them in the Viacoin core wallets or you can use third party wallets. You are perhaps best suited to use a Trezor or Ledger.


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