Oscar Mayer listed Hot Doge Wieners on eBay. And then the listing was removed


CHICAGO: After a campaign hitch, a pack of Oscar Mayer Hot Doge Wieners still managed to successfully sell on eBay for $15,001.

The money will be donated to Feeding America. The listing attracted a total of 76 bids. But it wasn’t that straightforward. 

Oscar Mayer dreamed up the campaign after noticing Twitter users putting its hot dogs and Dogecoins together. The brand decided to join the cryptocurrency moment in culture with Hot Doge Wieners “to bring unexpected smiles and sharing our love of meat with fans,” said Megan Lang, Oscar Mayer’s associate marketing director.

On eBay, Oscar Mayer offered fans Hot Doge Wieners with a cash value of 10,000 Dogecoins ($2,000); bidding was open between August 4-7.

The campaign had a tiny hiccup, however. After posting the initial eBay listing on August 4, it “was removed due to circumstances beyond Oscar Mayer’s control,” said Lang. She did not provide further details. 

Oscar Mayer communicated to fans and media that the listing was removed “beyond its control,” but less than 24 hours later, the Hot Doge Wieners pack was ready for fans to bid on once more. 

Oscar Mayer pivoted by creating a revised listing and making it even more appealing for fans with more Dogecoin value. The brand Tweeted that the listing was back, and fans could bid on it once again, this time with even higher stakes. When it was relisted, Oscar Mayer doubled the Dogecoin value to 20,000 or approximately $4,000 and extended bidding until August 8.

“We quickly worked together with eBay to get the listing back up so the auction could continue and the Hot Doge Wieners pack could be bid on,” she said.

“We quickly confirmed with media that the listing was live and fortunately was already up to $3,000 an hour into the campaign beginning again,” said Lang.

The brand tweeted about the winning bid on Sunday.

Oscar Mayer announced the hot dog pack through organic media on Twitter and via earned media to Oscar Mayer and Dogecoin fans. ICF Next assisted with the Hot Doge Wieners pack through earned media support. The campaign generated attention from lifestyle and cryptocurrency media with the meat brand’s introduction into the Dogecoin world, said Lang. 

Oscar Mayer’s main campaign message was “Keep it Oscar,” the brand’s rallying cry to take life a little less seriously and spark unexpected smiles, Lang explained.

“We’re looking forward to finding more ways to see the world, and help fans see the world, through our meat-colored glasses,” she added.

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