Bitstamp Review 2019 – Is it Still Legit? What You Need to Know


► Long form review:

Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been around for quite some time having been founded in Europe in 2011.

They are well known by European traders as being an effective fiat gateway and a great way for them to exchange their Euros for crypto. They have a great deal of funding options for Euros including SEPA, Swift, Wire and card payments.

Bitstamp has been the target of a hack in the past whereby they managed to steal a large number of coins. However, this did not result in any customer funds being lost and the exchange managed to recover. They have also used it as an opportunity to beef up their security and not had any issues since.

Bitstamp offers trading for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. These are available in both EUR and USD.

Trading fees at Bitstamp are dynamic and will adjust based on your previous 30 days volume. These will start at 0.25% for volumes that are below $20,000 and will go down to 0.10% for volume that is above $20m.

Bitstamp is also a full KYC exchange. This means that you will fully have to identify yourself if you would like to use their exchange. Verification times were quite high during the bull market but these have come down recently.

There are a range of customer support options that are available at Bitstamp and these range from a simple contact form to a dedicated phone line in both their UK and Estonian office.

The trading platform at Bitstamp is quite advanced and has a number of different features. The charting that they use is the tradingview software which is well known to numerous traders in the industry.

There is also a Bitstmap mobile application for those traders who cannot be in front of their PCs the whole time. This is available on Android and iPhone.

In summary, Bitstamp is a pretty advanced trading platform that is an effective way for European traders to get their hands on a range of the top coins. While they may have suffered a hack in the past, they managed to effectively recover and build a great platform.

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