Institutional Investors FOMO For Ethereum Exposure


Ethereum trends show it’s becoming more valuable as ETH 2.0 draws near. Thus, institutional investors are clamoring to get in on the action before it is too late. A signal for this has been ETH Futures have been trading at a higher basis premium than BTC Futures on CME. ETH Futures have continuously traded at a higher rolling basis than BTC Futures for the past three months. This could show that institutional investors are more bullish on ETH’s future in comparison to BTC. But other factors have also led to the ETH Futures trading so high.

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ETH Futures on CME have only been live for February. This means that the market has not yet had time to adjust to market conditions. Whereas in the case of BTC Futures, investors have been trading on them for the past four years on CME. So the market has had more time to get used to the market conditions surrounding BTC Futures, along with established setups to utilize cash and carry trades in the most efficient manner.

ETH Futures basis higher than BTC Futures basis | Source: CME Crypto Futures 3-Month Rolling Basis from Arcane Research

ETH Futures being just six months old has not given the market much time to establish the same patterns with BTC Futures. The ETH futures are still evolving and investors are trading in a mature which is yet to mature. But this has started to change.

Institutional Investors Need More ETH Exposure

ETH Futures experienced high basis premiums at launch, which most likely was due to institutional investors using the ETH Futures on CME as a way to get more exposure to ETH. But as time moved on, the ETH Futures market has continued to mature. ETH Futures’ basis saw a declining trend as more trading firms take advantage of the CME to carry out cash and carry trades. Following the same trend on the BTC basis.

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The passage of time has however seen this contango grow from the lows. A spike saw the BTC basis shooting up, before finally stabilizing at around 3%. While ETH basis saw an even higher spike, which had eventually stabilized at 7%. ETH Futures have remained in an uptrend in the weeks following the spike to the current position.

This higher climb in the ETH basis than the BTC basis shows that institutional investors are currently more bullish on Ethereum compared to Bitcoin. Basis trends between the two futures put Ethereum on a higher trajectory than its Bitcoin counterpart.

Ethereum Institutional Interest Showing In Price Movements

The CME ETH Futures are not the only indication that institutional investors are showing more interest in Ethereum. Price movements in ETH also indicate more interest in the asset over pioneer cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

ETH’s price is up 240% in 2021 alone | Source: ETHUSD on

ETH’s price has outperformed the price of Bitcoin this year by over 200%. While the performance for Bitcoin for the year 2021 sits at less than 38%, ETH’s performance is up 240%. This disparity in performance shows investors are moving more towards Ethereum. Leading to the high growth in price compared to BTC.

Ethereum network continues to expand its use cases with the upgrade to ETH 2.0. It is the leading network for DeFi and NFT development. Its TPS is higher than that of Bitcoin, and the move to proof of stake will cut down the network’s energy usage by 99%.

Featured image from The Cryptonomist, charts from Arcane Research and

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